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April 2009
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Coolant System Special
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Mercedes-Benz Lease Return Procedure Changes on May 18th!

Effective MONDAY, MAY 18, 2009 - Mercedes-Benz Financial has eliminated the third party
inspection that was previously required prior to returning your lease vehicle. 
Vehicles being returned on or after this date will be inspected by a Keenan representative
on the day that the car is returned. 
To minimize any delays in returning your lease vehicle - Keenan Motors requests
that you schedule an appointment to return your Mercedes.  Keenan estimates that lease
returns scheduled in advance will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.*
Keenan will be contacting all of our lease return clients to schedule an appointment
for the return.   Readers of our Newsletter who leased their Mercedes elsewhere are also
invited to return their car to Keenan - and - take advantage of our Convenient Lease Return Service. 
Please read on for additional details outlining what Keenan can do for you!
Simplify your Lease Return with Keenan Motors Mercedes-Benz!
Keenan Motors is committed to offering our clients a variety of services designed
to make today’s busy lifestyle – just a little simpler!

Keenan Motors is happy to assist with the lease return of ANY
Mercedes-Benz vehicle - regardless of where it was leased.
Keenan offers all Lease Return Clients the following Services:
Complimentary Pre-Inspection of your vehicle. Recommended a minimum of 90
days prior to end of your lease. Should repairs or maintenance work be necessary, you’ll have
plenty of time to address those items before the final inspection is due at lease end.
(advance notification required)*.
Complimentary transportation to your home or office, after returning your lease
vehicle (Limited Availability - advance notification required)*.
Complimentary deletion of “stored” entries from your vehicles Navigation System,
Integrated Phone System, and/or Integrated Garage Door Opener (if equipped). 
*Please contact us at 215-348-0800 to make the necessary arrangements - a minimum of
2 business days advance notice is requested.  Keenan will make every effort to accommodate
unscheduled lease returns. However, to avoid inconvenience to our clients we strongly
recommend scheduling an appointment to return your vehicle.


Items to Consider when Preparing your Vehicle for Lease Return:
Remember to remove EZ Pass Devices, Garage Door Openers, CD’s, Parking Permits, and
all personal items including those stored in door pockets, and/or seat back pouches.
Deletion of stored personal information is highly recommended. Information can be “stored”
in the vehicles Navigation System, Integrated Phone System, and/or Integrated Garage Door
Opener (if equipped).  Should you decide to return your vehicle to
Keenan Motors - all of these systems will be cleared for you as part of Keenan's lease
return service.
If your vehicle was equipped with SIRIUS Satellite Radio, remember to transfer or cancel
your SIRIUS account. You can reach SIRIUS Customer Service at 1-888-539-SIRIUS (7474).


What to Expect on Lease Return Day:
An odometer statement will be taken to record the mileage on your vehicle at lease end.
This statement will need to be signed by the individual named on the lease contract.
A Keenan representative will provide you with a copy of the vehicle condition report.
Your lease turn in fee (if applicable) can be charged to a major credit card - a receipt
will be provided.
Please remember to bring all of the items that came with your Mercedes when it was new. 
Items typically include:
Two (2) Vehicle Keys
-Complete Set of Owners Manuals with Leather Case 
-Navigation DVD (if equipped) 
-Remote Control & Headsets for Rear Seat DVD Entertainment Systems (if equipped)
-Removable Headrests for SUV’s and Wagons
-CD Changer Magazine (Stackable Holder for CD’s)  

Published by Keenan Motors Mercedes-Benz of Doylestown
Includes copyrighted material of IMakeNews, Inc. and its suppliers.
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