September 2014  

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Fashionista Savings
25% off your favorite!
Fashion must-haves, iconic looks and savings on your favorite item means that itís time to shop the Jockey Person to Personģ Fall Collection. Celebrate fall like a fashionista by adding timeless versatility to your wardrobe while avoiding the chaos of the mall.

Hostess'Thank You'
75% off your fave item!
Itís easy to be tempted by each seasonís fads, crazes and whims Ė and end up with a closetful of oddities. Stay on-trend with Jockey Person to Person and build a wardrobe befitting a fashion icon. Host a Style Show; fill your closet at an AMAZING discount!

Volumes of Style
Write a fashionable tale
When you were a little girl, you probably wrote about what you wanted to be when you grew up. Now, as you write the next volume of your story, add a chapter starring you as a wildly-successful, super-fashionable Jockey Person to Person Comfort Stylist® consultant. It'll be a must-read!


Your Iconic Style
From our Senior Designer
In fashion, what is old is once again new. Some trends capture our imagination for a fleeting minute (leg warmers), while others pass the test of time and become integral pieces of a womanís wardrobe. With Jockey Person to Personís Fall Collection, itís easy to channel your favorite fashion icon.
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