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December 2010
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BMW Performance Driving Schools Raise the Bar on Driver Instruction
Tiered programs give drivers of any stripe the chance to learn from professionals.

BMWís devotion to building true Ďdriverís carsí is matched by its desire to provide its fans with the chance to perfect their own skills behind to the wheel. To this end, BMW offers the BMW Performance Driving School, which aims to help people become confident, safe and enthusiastic drivers.


The first rung in the BMW Performance Driving School program is the Teen School, which is divided into one- and two-day editions. Although most teenage drivers pass through at least some form of driverís education on their way to getting a license, they are rarely schooled beyond the need to obey traffic laws and operate the basic functions of a vehicle. The Teen School expands the experience of young drivers by allowing them to practice hard braking and driving in slippery conditions. With professional instructors at their side, teens will also learn vehicle control techniques and how to handle emergency situations on the road, helping them to become much safer and better prepared drivers.


More experiences drivers can benefit from one- or two-day courses in the BMW Driverís Program. The Driverís Program is aimed at teaching the elements of car control, giving drivers an edge when handling their own vehicles at the edges of safety. The skills taught by the Driverís Program include accident avoidance driving habits, how to handle rain or snow-slicked roads and how to predict the behavior of a vehicle to understand what can and cannot be done when behind the wheel. Once again, fully qualified BMW instructors help participants every step of the way.


The top-tier BMW Performance Driving School offering is called the M School, and it builds on the basic lessons of the Driverís Program through the introduction of professional driving techniques and skills. One- and two-day M Schools utilize the higher horsepower and quicker steering and handling responses of BMW M5, M6 and M3 vehicles to help you hone the skills necessary to master high performance driving.


The BMW M School is as close to race driving instruction as many BMW owners will ever get, and it emphasizes the value of being smooth and developing the reflexes and high-speed car control techniques required to drive fast and safe.  Graduates of the M School can move onto the Advanced M School, which is located at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) and Charlotte Motor Speedway. These facilities provide the twists, turns and long straights that put drivers to the test as they receive in-depth lessons on how to take their own abilities to the next level.


The Teen School, Driverís Program and the M School Program are offered at the $12.5 million BMW Performance Driving School in Greer, South Carolina. BMW provides all vehicles, and two-day M School tuition includes hotel accommodations for two nights, school day meals, BMW M logo gear and a specially painted M School helmet.


The BMW Performance Driving School is an excellent way for drivers of all ages and experience levels to buff up their skills and make themselves safer and more competent behind the wheel.


For more information, visit www.bmwusa.com/Standard/Content/Experience/Events/PDS/Default.aspx.


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