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April 2012
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Vehicle Profile: 2012 Jaguar XFR
Sporting luxury at its most dynamic.

The 2012 Jaguar XFR is the ultimate representation of what the XF line offers the sport-luxury sedan buyer: Outstanding acceleration and razor-sharp handling, combined with old-world craftsmanship in the passenger cabin. It’s the essence of all the Jaguar products that come before it, yet delivered in a completely modern sports sedan.
The engine is the ultimate power plant in a range of 5.0-liter AJ-V8 Gen III direct-injection V8s powering the entire XF line of cars. In XFR the iteration, drivers have 510 hp and 461 lb.-ft. of torque at their disposal, which can propel the XFR to 60 miles per hour in just 4.7 seconds. The engine is a model of efficient packaging: The twin vortex system (TVS) supercharger and twin water-cooled intercoolers that extract so much power from each cubic centimeter are nestled within the V formed by its eight combustion chambers.
Like all XF models, the XFR features an electronically controlled, fully adaptive six-speed automatic transmission, controlled by the cast alloy JaguarDrive Selector™, along with Jaguar Sequential Shift™ function operated by steering-wheel paddles. Unlike any other automobile, the simple act of starting an XFR becomes an event. The XFR initiates a “handshake” sequence at startup that includes the heartbeat pulse of the illuminated start/stop button, the opening of the rotating dash vents, and the elevation of the JaguarDrive selector from the center console.
The XFR’s handling is a balance of expertly engineered mechanical components working in concert with world-class electronics for optimum handling performance. The XFR features the Adaptive Dynamics active damping system, which not only provides knife-edge handling, but never compromises the ride comfort that Jaguar buyers enjoy. At 100 times per second the system measures body movement, and at 500 times per second it monitors wheel position, automatically increasing the rate of damping as the suspension nears its travel limit. The system controls wheel hop on uneven surfaces, providing improved ride comfort, tire contact and handling.
The Active Differential standard on the XFR provides maximum available traction at each rear wheel, which provides improved acceleration on less-than- ideal road surfaces, and additionally provides enhanced cornering ability. Traction control systems on most other cars use the anti-lock braking system to counter-intuitively apply braking force to one wheel to force torque to the wheel with available traction. The Active Differential is a clutch-type differential operated by an electric motor and a ball and ramp mechanism that transmits torque to the when that has the most traction, without applying the brakes at all.
While you’re enjoying the performance of the XFR, your passengers will appreciate many of the luxurious appointments found in the XF Portfolio, but made unique in this model. Bespoke interior appointments including an aluminum dashboard and gloss wood veneers and twin-needle stitching on the instrument panel and doors are part of the XFR standard features list. Multi-adjustable sports seats include power adjustable bolsters, leather map pockets and “R” logo embossment on the seat backs. The leather-trimmed lower steering wheel spoke features an “R” logo, as well.
Unique appointments carry through to the exterior, with standard 20-inch Nevis-style alloy wheels. The distinctive, all-business front end design includes a black mesh grille, chrome air intakes, "Supercharged" hood louvers, four polished exhaust tailpipes, a functional rear spoiler and side sills, along with the understated "R" badge. An acoustic filter at the rear of the engine funnels the lusty sound of the air intake into the cabin under hard acceleration, which adds to the experience of launching an XFR. Performance-focused settings for the Dynamic Stability Control allow experienced drivers to extract more cornering performance from the XFR than allowed in the XF, XF Portfolio or XF Supercharged models.
Taken in total, the XFR represents the best of the XF line, and a distillation of all that Jaguar has to offer buyers of sporting luxury sedans. Find out more by scheduling a test drive today.


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