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March 2012
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The Volvo Saved my Life Club
Another story from someone fortunate to be alive – and have their Volvo to thank.

This past February, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that an estimated 24,050 fatalities occurred as a result of motor vehicles traffic crashes during the first nine months of 2011. While today’s vehicles cannot prevent all accidents, advanced auto technology is gradually helping drivers avoid more crashes and dangerous driving situations. Leading the way in auto safety is Volvo, a manufacturer that equips every vehicle with life-saving devices and design.
The Volvo Saved my Life Club recognizes owners who are lucky to be alive and eager to tell their stories of survival. There’s Beverely Elliott from Tucson, Arizona, whose husband and daughter were hit in their 740 GLE at 75 mph by a young man driving a stolen car. The Nolan Family of Oreland, Pennsylvania was hit head-on by a truck while in their 2000 Volvo Cross Country wagon; Heidi Bledsoe’s husband and ten-month-old baby were hit by a driver who ran a red light, causing their 2002 XC70 to be thrown into the air upside down. In all these stories, the victims survived and are thankful they were in a Volvo on that fateful day.
Here’s a letter from Crissy Garret:
I am writing to just let you know how happy I am that Volvo saved my life today. I loved my S80, and used it for daily commuting. This morning, I had an accident in my car on a bridge over the Coosa River. So many people have died or been hurt on this bridge (when in accidents) because of the steep drop below (nothing but water) and how high it is. It was really foggy, and hard to see much farther than the front of my Volvo. I lost control of my car after swerving to miss a ladder that was covering the entire left line of the bridge (it must have fallen off a truck). My car started spinning out of control, and hitting barriers on the bridge multiple times. I started at one end of the bridge and I ended up all the way on the other side with the tail end of my car wedged over a cement guardrail. I could see the river over the backside and I thought, ‘I should have been there.’ Needless to say, my Volvo was totaled. But, I am blessed to say not one inch of the cabin reflected that fact. I got out of my car with a few burns and scrapes - I’d rather have them and still have my life. I know the quality of the car was what saved me. Thanks Volvo.
Crissy notes, “The drawing on the state trooper’s report showed my car was bouncing off guardrails like they were trampolines. Most cars would have been gone after the second hit and folded like a sheet of paper.” To this day she still misses her 2001 S80, attesting that it always drove just as wonderfully as the day she first bought it.
Read more stories from the Volvo Saved my Life Club at and test drive a new Volvo today to see just how safe and confident these vehicles truly are.

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