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April 2017

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The Austin Peay Board of Trustee

Austin Peay Board Of Trustee Meeting was held in the old Jenkins and Wynne Truck Center! How cool is that!? We are proud of our Clarksville leaders... Including Don Jenkins!

Meet Brandon Stone

Congratulations on your first sale Brandon! Welcome to the Jenkins and Wynne Family! We're happy to have you here!
Car Care: Spring Maintenance
Your vehicle deserves some TLC

The sun is shining and itís time to shake off the last remnants of winter. For your vehicle, that means servicing it both inside and out so itís ready to handle the summer driving months.

Vehicle Profile: 2017 Ford Flex
The 2017 Ford Flex balances high performance with exceptional control

The 2017 Ford Flex balances extraordinary performance with remarkable control. The crossover SUV provides plenty of interior room for both passengers and cargoóthe standard seven-passenger seating includes first-row bucket seats, a second row 60/40 split bench seat and a 50/50 split bench third-row seat.

Vehicle Profile: 2017 Ford Taurus
Engine options and safety technologies deliver high performance in the 2017 Ford Taurus

The 2017 Ford Taurus has been engineered with a suite of available technologies to deliver superior driving performance.

Vehicle Preview: 2018 Honda Odyssey
Hondaís redesigned Odyssey minivan will reinvigorate family transportation

For the past decade, minivans have not typically been the trendy choice for families. Having become overshadowed by more capable and versatile Sport Utility Vehicles, most minivans have lost their luster.

Exercises You Can Do As a Family
Round up the family for these fun workouts

When it comes to balancing family life and work while trying to throw in daily exercise, things can often get incredibly hectic. To combine family time and a workout, try some of these exercises you can all do together.

5 Best Video Games to Play With Friends
Itís always more fun to play with friends

There are countless multiplayer games available across all gaming platforms, but some stand out as being more enjoyable to play with friends than others. The five below represent some of the best multiplayer games the industry has to offer.

We're Proud to Announce
A New Addition to Jenkins & Wynne

We are proud to announce our new addition to Jenkins and Wynne: a Nursing Room!

Mommas, we hope you enjoy!



Vehicle Details: 2017 Honda Civic Technology
Acclaimed technology in a handsome package from Honda

The 2017 Honda Civic is the brandís four-door staple, perennially pulling in awards for its looks and features. This year, those awards are specifically being granted to the Civicís technology.


Don't miss out on this great deal! Hurry while supplies last!

6 Distilleries to Visit in Kentucky and Tennessee
Experience the best distilleries in these two Southern states

When it comes to the creation of craft spirits, Kentucky and Tennessee have some of the best offerings in the nation. But itís not all bourbon in these two states. Check out the following distilleries in the Bluegrass and Volunteer states.

Creative Ways to Exercise Your Dog
Keep your canine companion healthy by using these creative exercise activities

Just as we humans need constant exercise in order to stay healthy, so too do our canine companions. Dogs need to partake in constant and consistent activity in order to stay in good shape. Of course, exercising is nothing if not repetitive, and that can ruin the motivation for you and for your dog.

Monthly Subscription Boxes That Will Enrich Your Life
Five subscription boxes to brighten your day once a month

Surprises and routines are two concepts that rarely ever go together. However, there are some instances where something routine can also be surprising.

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