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May 13, 2008  
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IPexpert is Please to Announce our Newly-Created Audio Boot Camp for the CCIE R&S Lab Exam

Study while you work, drive or play by listening to over 15 hours of audio lectures, narrated by IPexpert Senior Instructor, Scott Morris (Quad CCIE). This downloadable MP3 series will be automatically available for download upon the completion of your purchase.   Listen as Scott takes you through hour after hour of the same in-depth lecture series you would learn from if you attended one of our live 5-Day CCIE R&S Boot Camps.

NOTICE: This product is a part of the IPexpert Blended Learning Solution™. Before you buy, be sure to check out how much more content you can get for a little more money with the CCIE R&S Blended Learning Solution.

What To Expect - Audio Lecture Topics:

        Module 1.0.0: CCIE Tips and Strategy

        Module 2.0.0: Frame Relay

        Module 3: Bridging & Catalyst 3550

        Module 4: WCCP

        Module 5: General Routing

        Module 6: OSPF

        Module 7: RIP-EIGRP

        Module 8: BGP

        Module 9: Redistribution

        Module 10: Multicast

        Module 11: IP Services

        Module 12: Quality of Service

        Module 13: Access Lists

        Module 14: IOS Services - Security

        Module 15: Mobile IP

        Module 16: IPv6

To find out more about this exciting new product please visit our website or contact an IPexpert training advisor today at +1.866.225.8064 or at sales@ipexpert.com

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