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May 13, 2008  
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CCIE vLecture Seminar Series

Our vLecture Seminar Series offers focused online discussions led by the renowned CCIE-certified instructors at IPexpert. Each seminar will concentrate on a specific topic related to CCIE preparation, including individual protocols and technologies listed on the lab blueprint, as well as test-taking strategies!

You may now register for any of the following vLectures:

May 19 4:00 PM EST Online
Topic: VPN Troubleshooting
Track: Security
May 27 5:00 PM EST Online
Topic: WAN QoS
Track: Voice
May 29 6:00 PM EST Online
Topic: ATM Operations and Configuration
Track: Service Provider
Jun 03 3:00 PM EST Online
Topic: Troubleshooting on the CCIE Lab
Track: R&S
Jun 17 3:00 PM EST Online
Topic: Multicast - Anycast RP
Track: R&S
Jun 24 8:00 PM EST Online
Topic: Digit Manipulation on CallManager 4.1(3) & CME 3.3
Track: Voice
Jun 30 8:00 PM EST Online
Topic: PPPoE Operations
Track: Service Provider

Click here to register for any of the available vLectures.

Also, we invite you to view our past vLectures FREE here:

If you have any questions, contact a Training Advisor for assistance.

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