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Wondering Where to Spend Your Marketing Dollars in a Recession?
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Wondering Where to Spend Your Marketing Dollars in a Recession?
by Len Muscarella, President

With talk of a recession getting ever more loud and insistent, Advertising Age asked both buyers and sellers how marketing dollars will be deployed if both consumers and businesses are tightening their belts. Their answer: digital media.


The article called "How Media Would Weather Recession" compares the prospects for digital media, which includes the Web and mobile, with more traditional media forms such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and coupons/circulars. And the experts see a move to digital.


The most often cited reason is the measurability associated with interactive marketing. “In tough economic times, there is a flight to measurable media,” the article quotes Bryan Wiener, CEO of the digital agency 360i, as saying. He adds that categories that tend to drive the best return on investment are eMail and search marketing, and he expects marketers to use them heavily.


In fact, the article goes on to say that interactive marketing is so tied to sales – with trackable ROI (return on investment) calculations – that spending on search and eMail is often considered a cost of goods sold as much as it’s considered a marketing expenditure. According to David Kidder, CEO of the search technology firm Clickable, search engine marketing provides “a unique insight into a consumer’s wallet.”


One advantage the article fails to mention is the control that digital media afford your business. One of the great things about Google Adwords as an advertising vehicle is the control you have over budget, pausing the program, etc. Unlike magazine, TV, or newspaper advertising, where long-term commitments are required to obtain the best advertising rates, search engine marketing is very flexible. You can start a program today, obtaining the best rates, and have the discretion to stop it as business conditions dictate.


So if you are worried about a recession, and how maintain control and get more out of a smaller marketing budget, you should give us a call at 973.539.5255, x 1 for sales, or write us at

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