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November 20, 2012 VOLUME 8 ISSUE 4  

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Holiday Greetings from iMedia! know, it’s really early to be sending out our holiday greetings to our clients, friends and well-wishers. But we were considering what to include in our usual holiday eCard this year, and decided it was time to have a little fun – while spreading some festive cheer.
We’ve devised a quick and easy way to put everyone in the spirit: a holiday movie contest that takes just a few minutes – unless you decide to watch all of the movie clips, which would take considerably longer! Just go to our special Holiday Page. If you’ve already liked iMedia on Facebook, you’ll navigate directly to the contest page. If you haven’t, please do so now.
Once there, the contest is quite simple – fill in your contact information and select your favorite holiday movie. You can also add a comment or two to help spread the joy of the season.
One lucky participant will win a Kindle Fire, which we will announce on December 11 and ship to you in time for the holidays. That’s really why our holiday greetings are coming to you early this year – we need time for you to vote for your favorite film, for us to select the winner (via random selection), and for us then to ship the prize to the winner.
Do make sure you include a valid email, as that’s how we’ll contact the winner to ask for shipping instructions!
We would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season – starting with Thanksgiving. We’re grateful to all of our clients and friends for helping to make 2012 a terrific year at iMedia – and we’re hoping that 2013 is even better for us all!

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