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We Believe, We Will Do
How to gain commitment through transition management

If you are dealing with a business change project that requires people to adjust their beliefs as well as actions, you’ll need to generate commitment to the change. You can’t hit people over the head and make them do what you want them to do. And just because your Sponsors express their personal commitment to the change does not mean that your Targets will follow. You’ll only be successful if you take people through the commitment building process, aggressively using communication and reinforcement to motivate people to leave where they are (the current state) and move to where you want them to be (the future state).
Dealing with the Reality of Fewer Resources
Four tips for what to do when “less” is not “more”

For many organizations, the month of September means that planning for the new year is beginning in earnest. And while the economic situation may be improving, it’s likely that you will be planning for getting more done with less-- Reduced budgets. Fewer people. From an implementation perspective, this means you’ll need to work smarter and target your resources in the most effective way possible. Applying the principles and tools of the Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM) is a good place to start.
Last Chance! Bring a Friend at No Additional Cost!

Learn How to Manage the Human Side of Large-Scale, Complex Business Changes

Introduction to the Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM) Program
November 18-19, Atlanta, Georgia session only

$1,250 tuition
Call 800-752-9254 to enroll by October 1           

What’s the most challenging aspect of any business change—new technology, business transformation, culture change, merger/acquisition, Lean Sigma-driven process re-engineering?

It’s the human, cultural, and organizational elements! 

In two days, you will learn the basics of a proven, systematic change implementation framework that can be integrated seamlessly into project plans to accelerate project return on investment.
You’ll learn how to:

  • create organizational readiness for change
  • develop a plan that generates durable sponsorship
  • create a communication plan that drives behavior change
  • develop a reinforcement strategy that supports the new performance expectations

(View a detailed program agenda here)

Who Should Attend:
Business leaders, Project Managers, HR and OD Professionals, Training Professionals, Lean/Six Sigma Practitioners, IT Leaders.

Call 800-752-9254 to enroll and take advantage of our Bring a Friend offer—good until October 1.  Learn more about the AIM methodology at

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IMA helps organizations navigate the waters of large-scale, complex organizational change with a business-discipline and rigor not often associated with the human side of implementation. Our Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM) is world-renowned as a practical, repeatable framework that significantly enhances the likelihood of Return on Investment.

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