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Implementation versus Installation:
Are you claiming victory too soon?

How this critical difference impacts Return on Investment

If your organization is treating projects as complete before reaching Return on Investment, you may be successfully installing, but not getting to true implementation. There is a basic confusion in many client systems between installation and implementation.   This confusion leads to a reduced or hampered ROI for many projects. It’s linked to a dynamic of premature completion – simply stated, many projects are being treated as “finished” significantly before the real ROI is achieved.

Improve Project Success by Starting Right
Tips for jump-starting projects

Many projects start without having built a solid foundation for success. This foundation includes having a clear and common definition of the change, its parameters and constraints, and a unified vision of the future state. Teams often assume that everyone is “on the same page”, only to find months down the road that this is not the case. As a result, the team has to backtrack, or even worse, the project is abandoned, or seen as a failure.

About IMA

IMA is an international consulting company that guides organizations through all types of complex or large-scale change and implementations. For almost two decades, our proprietary Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM) has been extensively applied to the successful implementation of a wide variety of business-critical projects across all industries. Application of AIM drives comprehensive change, reduces risk, and helps ensure timely Return on Investment.

November 2007

IMA Services
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We ensure strategies are executed on time, on budget, and with all business, technical, and human objectives met.

- New systems implementation

- Business process re-design

- Six sigma and lean implementation

- Mergers and acquisitions

- Culture change

- Organizational changes

- Business re-engineering

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