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Making Music in Media
Webinar Update
What the Experts Are Saying
Standard Life Ad Campaign Honored with Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Award

Nashville October 2-5, 2011

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Making Music in Media
The streets are paved with tourists and the record companies flourish
Lord knows every singer wants to be a king

But some of them couldn’t take it and some good ones didn’t make it

That’s the way it goes on the Nashville Scene

-- “Nashville Scene” Hank Williams, Jr.

Nashville is the right place for a gathering of communicators who are creative, passionate, and enthusiastic ... who, like anxious performers, hope that among their dozens of ideas, one or two will make it past upper management, compliance, focus groups, and peers.

Webinar Update
Thursday, June 23, 2:00 ET        
The Future of Individual Life Sales: What LIMRA Foretells
In a recent LIMRA article, author Scott Kallenbach reported on how the weak economy has been devastating to individual life insurance sales. But he also wrote that sales professionals in the industry are optimistic about their prospects over the next few years.
Why? One reason is that some niches for life insurance sales are expanding, including the affluent, seniors and small businesses.  These may become the fast growth areas for life insurance, while the married with young children market is showing a decline.
So what kinds of life products will interest these emerging markets and why? How can we support sales professionals and reach these markets directly?
To help answer questions like these, Scott Kallenbach will expand on his LIMRA research findings in a live IFCA webinar on Thursday, June 23. If you’re involved in communications or marketing of life insurance products, this is a good (and free) opportunity to hear from an industry expert and to ask questions.  
Reserve your spot at Scott’s webinar.

What the Experts Are Saying
IFCA proudly introduces a new feature to our eCommunique newsletter this month -- timely reports from respected industry thought leaders on some of the most-talked-about topics facing the world of insurance and financial services and beyond. First up are two essays which are designed to get you thinking about new ways to add value to your business. Simply click on the links below and expand your professional horizons.

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Grow the Bottom Line with Voice of the Customer Research

Standard Life Ad Campaign Honored with Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Award
Standard Life's “To make a long story short” multimedia campaign was recently recognized with an Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Award —Outstanding Integrated Ad Campaign — in the integrated advertising campaign category. The campaign trumpets the key benefit of Standard Life's redesigned member statement as a clearer, more personalized, and more engaging customer resource. The new statement is an important communication tool that gives plan members a clear picture of how they’re doing with their retirement savings objectives and what they need to do to reach these objectives — all at a glance and in plain language. It also encourages them to take an active interest in their retirement planning.

The Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards are produced by the Web Marketing Association to honor excellence in online advertising, recognize the individuals and organizations responsible, and showcase award-winning advertising.

Kudos can be sent to Martine Perron, Senior Consultant, Communications, Standard Life via e-mail.

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