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April 2014
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Were You in an Accident?
Visit one of our Collision Centers!

Many people don’t realize that your insurance company cannot require you to go to a particular shop. When your vehicle is involved in an accident, you have a choice when choosing your next body shop. Read on to learn more...


Two Locations to Serve You!
Visit either of our two Honda Service Centers

Servicing your vehicle is something we all have to do. Maintaining it properly can be the difference of owning your vehicle a few years versus many. At Heritage Honda, we are committed to providing you the best service. We keep thorough service records, offer monthly service offers and have certified technicians working on your vehicle.


Vehicle Profile: 2014 Honda Pilot
The best of the breed

Photo: 2014 Honda Pilot
Honda has spent decades creating class-leading vehicles with unshakable reliability, great fuel economy and competitive prices. The new 2014 Honda Pilot, on sale here at Heritage Honda Parkville in Parkville, Maryland, carries this tradition forward; it is the most fuel efficient eight-passenger SUV on sale today. No Toyota, Nissan, Ford or any other eight-seat SUV can beat it.

Vehicle Profile: 2014 Honda Insight
Making the hybrid affordable

Photo: 2014 Honda Insight
Owning a hybrid is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment and use less fuel at the same time. Unfortunately some hybrid choices are priced beyond the means of the average household. Loaded with great features, the 2014 Honda Insight, on sale here at Heritage Honda Parkville in Parkville, Maryland, is the most affordable hybrid available.

Candy Alternatives for the Easter Basket
Healthy treats, pennies and more

If you want to avoid all the sugary treats when you’re helping the Easter Bunny with his basket creations, there are many ways to do this while still bringing smiles of delight to your children. We have some ideas to inspire the possibilities.

Best Wedding Movies
Great wedding movies will make you smile

Weddings are brimming with pageantry and joy, so it's not surprising that movies about them are popular. Here are five wedding movies guaranteed to make you laugh, cry or both.

Let Us Upgrade You

Your vehicle is in demand in the used car market, and it’s payback time at all 15 Heritage Auto Group locations. Through our Vehicle Upgrade Program, your vehicle may qualify you to upgrade with little or no change in your monthly payments.


Five Places to See Beautiful Flowers in the Mid-Atlantic
Get back to nature with a garden day trip

Springtime in the Mid-Atlantic pleases the senses with the heady scents and colorful blooms of a wide variety of flowering plants and trees. You may see cherry blossoms, tulips, hyacinths, bluebells, wisteria or flowering magnolias. The many botanical gardens and public parks throughout the region provide the perfect place for family outings, afternoon picnics and scenic strolls.

It’s Car Care Month
April is the time to make sure your car is running right

Photo: It’s Car Care Month
Did you know that April is Car Care month? That means there’s no better time to take care of any lingering issues that may have crept up over a rough winter.

Honda Honored with “Greener” and “Greenest” Titles
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy recognizes Honda’s exceptional environmental performance

Photo: Honda Honored with “Greener” and “Greenest” Titles
Once again, Honda has illustrated its environmentally friendly priorities with four of its vehicles being named to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s (ACEEE) list of “Greenest” and “Greener” Vehicles of 2014. The four vehicles earning this honor are the Civic Hybrid, the Civic Natural Gas, the Insight and the Odyssey.

Tips for Healthy Nails
Look to your nails for clues to your overall well-being

With a nail salon on every corner, it's easy to dismiss your nails as a purely cosmetic feature of your body. However, similar to the condition of your hair, your nail health is often a clue to your overall health. Nails display symptoms of everything from nail conditions, such as fungal infections, to systemic diseases, such as lupus and hepatitis. That's why it's so important to monitor your nail health and take good care of your nails so they stay strong and healthy.

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