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Thu, Nov 3, 2011
7:00 PM MST
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Thu, Nov 17, 2011
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Holiday Publishing Deadlines

Nov 30  First Class
Nov 30  Direct Ship (cards)
Dec 5     UPS Standard
Dec 9     International Express

Dec 7     Ground/Priority
Dec 12   2-Day
Dec 14   Next Day
Dec 16   Direct Ship (cards)

Reship Deadlines
To receive your projects in time to re-ship them we suggest you publish by Nov 30th.

*Suggested deadlines. Heritage Makers cannot guarantee holiday shipping to Canada due to possible unforseen delays at customs.

Upcoming Themes & Specials

November: Holiday Cards
Cards and Invitations (save 20%)

Nov - Dec: Holiday Hits
Special savings each week

Notice: Website maintenance
Nov 12 10:00 pm MST to Nov 13 2:00 am MST 

Save with Holiday Hits

Do you watch for the Heritage Makers sales each month? If so, you know that one or two products are usually on sale each month. During our Holiday Hits however, we put almost EVERYTHING on sale. Each week it’s something different. Here’s the scoop.

All Nov Cards & Trifold Brochures
(20% off)
Nov 1-7 Wrapped Canvases
(10% off)
Nov 8 - 14 Storybooks
(10% off)
Nov 15 - 21 Digital Scrapbooking
(10% off)
Nov 22 - 28 Booklets, Labels & Extra Pages
(10% off)
Nov 29 - Dec 5 Playing Cards & Flip/Swatch Books
(10% off)
Dec 6 - 12 Cards & Tri-Fold Brochures
(10% off)

View the Holiday Hits flyer here

Be sure to note that the above savings are in addition to savings already received as a Club HM member. Thats right, you add another 10-20% off on top of the 25-34% off you already receive on your Club point plans! Check out the following terrific templates for the holidays.


Week One: Canvases

Need a gift for grandma or that hard-to-please teen? Nothing says “I really care” as well as a beautifully crafted custom canvas. Shown here are two guaranteed winners. “Vintage Memories” by Lynda Angelastro is an 18 x 18 deep canvas, template 71834. It’s a wonderful way to preserve those treasured family photos and makes the perfect gift for any mom, dad or grandparent. Clean styling makes “Simply Beautiful” by Tanja Rigby, also an 18 x 18 deep canvas, template 42719 an awesome gift for your teen or college-age daughter. Seriously, what teen won’t flip over a gift that makes her the star of the show?


And what Grandma and Grandpa wouldn’t love a set of photos of their little darlings to hang on the wall and show off to friends and neighbors. Wendy Bailey’s set "Nature Hike" and "Purple Patches," templates 50356 and 50761 are both 20 x 16 canvases and fit the bill beautifully.

With over 600 canvases in the template gallery, you’re sure to find one to give your loved one this holiday. Order it during the week of November 1 –7, and you’ll save an additional 10% off!


Week Two: Storybooks

For a fabulous gift this Christmas, take your vacation or treasured family history photos and give a present that cannot be purchased at any price. Here are two of our book best bets.  “Magical Memories Vacation Book” by Kari Pieratt is an 11.5x8.5 storybook, template 64095. This book has a clean, but colorful take on that Disney vacation. Many of the “place” and “character” photos are so well done, they can be left in place to supplement your family shots. If you’ve been promising to get a Disney book done for someone in your family, this is the time to do it.

“For the Good Times” by Kelly Wolfer, another 11.5x8.5 storybook, template 61703 is also a book you won’t want to miss. It’s got traditional styling but in a clean, easy-to-use format with INSTRUCTIONS on the sides of the pasteboard for anything that’s the slightest bit tricky.If you’ve been putting off that book you want to make for your Dad or Grandma, get going. We promise this is the easiest family history template you’ll ever work with.


Looking for books for the kids? Here are two inexpensive 8 x 8 soft-bound books that are Dr. Seuss-ish in their approach to self-esteem building. Guaranteed favorites for bedtime, they are both by Kari Pieratt and are called “Boy's You Are the Only You” (67914) and “Girl's You Are the Only You” (67913).

Design your own books or customize any of our over 800 book templates. Then publish from November 8–14 and get an additional 10% off your already low Club prices.




Week Three: Post-bounds and Scrap Pages

Many moms and grandmas give post-bound albums and pages as holiday gifts, adding pages to their gift albums across the year. Sometimes these albums are dated and the child receives a new one each year. Sometimes they are archived and replaced when more recent cover photos are needed. Many albums in the Template Gallery are designed for this purpose and many others are easily adaptable to be a child’s personal album. Here are six we especially like. In order shown:  “Dino Hunter ” template 49855, and “Emily's Album” template 4195, both  by Lynda Angelastro; “Olivia Album” by Michelle Bedard, template 49541; “Spring Memories” by Ryan Harper, template 50427; “Moments You Shine” also by Michelle Bedard, template 61945; and “13” by Kristen Melnyk ,template 61824. With over 100 templates for post-bound albums in the Template Gallery, and over 1,000 12 x 12 scrap page templates, you’re sure to find the post-bounds and pages that will work for your youngsters this holiday season. And remember, from the 15-21 November, all digital scrapbooking supplies are an additional 10% off.


Week Four: Booklets, Address Labels and Additional Pages

Even a 16-page booklet can be a fun stocking stuffer.  What grandma wouldn’t love the “Grandma's Digest” by Julie Spackman? It’s a faux magazine-style, 8.5 x 11 booklet, template 60393, that’s packed with photos and information about the kids in the family. “Soccer Team Keepsake” by Nichole McKee is also an 8.5 x 11 booklet but this one is made up like a sporting event program. A fun gift for each team player, it’s template 62275.




Whether they are address labels with a golf theme or labels for your son’s sports equipment, your sister’s books or your pre-schooler’s lunch containers; an inexpensive label set makes a fun gift extra.

Address label templates shown here in order are: “Dragon Name Labels” by Lynda Angelastro, template 65530; “Fairy Princess Labels 2” by Lynda Angelastro, template 63350; “Carter's School Labels”by Jamie Nowak, template 64689; “Cowboy Labels” by Lynda Angelastro, template 63347; “Tee It Up –Golf” by Kelli Hamilton, template 64896; “Wyatt's Stuff” by Kymberly Stoddard, template 63978; “Ladybug Labels Green” by Lynda Angelastro, template 63348; “Label That Book” by Kelly Robinson, template 68602; and “Owl Address Labels” by Marsha Porter, template 69211. Make some for your family this Christmas.



Labeling holiday cards and gifts got a little easier this year. Check the Template Gallery for many labels that match our cards or simply add a luxury touch to Christmas correspondence. And make present wrapping a snap this year by using labels as personalized gift tags. Here are a selection of such labels from our Template Gallery: “Ornament Gift Labels” by Michelle Wolfley, template 71827; “Minty Stripe Christmas Labels” by Lynda Angelastro, template 63351; “Christmas Peace” by Lynda Angelastro, template 63195; “Snowman Address Labels” by Lynda Angelastro, template 63102; “Gingerbread Address Labels” by Ann Perry, template 62375; “Christmas Gift Tags” by Michelle Wolfley, template 68464. Design your own in moments or check out the over 100 address label templates we offer.



Week Five: Playing Cards and Swatch/Flip Books

In Week Five of our Holiday Hits offering, we feature playing card decks and all sizes of swatch and flip books. These smaller size products make wonderful gifts.  Don’t overlook the creative potential in playing cards however. Shown above is a playing card deck “Peace & Joy Table Décor” by Lynda Angelastro, template 48511. Its cards are hole-punched and tied together with ribbon as a standing table decoration. Several such sets are available in the Template Gallery and typically make four sentiments per deck.


Want to give dad a standard deck of cards with his favorite hunting dog on the back? Our Basic photo card deck is template 51251, from Lynda Angelastro and called “Your Photo Card Deck.” Put teen’s friends in the picture, feature a photo of his new car or the best pic from the family photo shoot. Whatever photo you choose, this full, face-card-featured standard deck is sure to be a winner.


Playing cards can also be made into mini calendar gifts. There are several in the Template Gallery. The one shown here is from Sandra Dovre and is called “2012 Inspiration Gift Calendars,” template 67693. Punch holes in the top right-hand corner of the card and put them on small binder rings or brightly colored “chicken rings” (Find at your local feed or farm store. Chicken rings are plastic rings about ¾ inch in diameter, used to band poultry and available in a wide variety of colors).

There are hundreds of playing card templates in our Template Gallery. You’ll want to be sure to consider them for your Christmas gift list.


Still the ultimate brag book for parents and grandparents, the swatch book is a purse packable 5.75 x 3.5 inches and makes the best gift for a mom or grandma. Shown here is our first ever and still super popular swatch book, “Grandma's Lil Love Bugs” byLynda Angelastro, template 18078.


Flip books are the same size as swatches but have a spiral side binding that allows the pages to be turned like a book. We like Sandra Dovre’s “2012 Crazy For You Calendar” flip book, template 64555. It’s a calendar designed to be used sideways so the binding is at the top. It’s a really clever gift that anyone in the family would be happy to have on their desk or in their purse.


Our square swatch books are the same 5.75 width as the smaller swatch books, but 5.75 inches deep as well to form a rounded corner square. Square swatch books are fastened in the corner while square flip books are the same size but have a side spiral binding. You’ll find loads of smaller treasures in the square swatch book templates. We like this square swatch, template 27903, by Sandra Dovre called “Snow Much Fun.” For a remembrance of any snow or winter outing, this project fills the bill. 


Have a daughter who’s horse crazy or a son that’s soccer mad? In our square flip books, we have an entire range of sporting and interest templates that your kids would love to find under the tree this year. The one shown here is “HM Horseback Riding Flip Book” template 50009, by Roxanne Buchholz. Put “Roxanne” in the template search and in addition to this horse riding book, you’ll find similar square flips for baseball, basketball, bowling, cheerleading, football, hockey, karate, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis and volleyball.

If you decide to make playing cards and swatch/flip books for everyone in the family, the good news is that you have four more weeks to get them finished because they are an additional 10% off from November 29 until December 5.

Week Six: Cards & Tri-fold Brochures

Week Six falls in December, outside the November 20% off of cards. If you missed the November special you have one more chance to get 10% of your cards during the week of December 6-12. Check out our “Product of the Month” article for card and tri-fold suggestions.

One Holiday Hit after Another

With products on sale every week and cards on sale the entire month of November, holiday shopping could not be more affordable. It’s just one holiday hit after another. Take advantage of these additional savings and make priceless and affordable gifts for all your loved ones this year. 


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