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January 2015
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Customer Spotlight: Jean and Larry Richardson

Read all about this lovely couple's passion for buying cars and for each other!



Vehicle Preview: 2016 Cadillac ATS-V
Passion intensified

When you see the letter ďVĒ attached to a Cadillac model, you know youíre in for a treat. The new 2016 ATS-V Coupe and Sedan will have the stand-out design, impressive technology and practicality you love about the ATSĖĖalready the lightest, most agile luxury compact on the roadĖĖtogether with the fury and performance of the acclaimed V Series.

Vehicle Profile: 2015 Cadillac SRX
The Cadillac of crossovers

The 2015 Cadillac SRX, on sale here at Heritage Cadillac Saab Mitsubishi in Morrow, Georgia, has the premium crossover landscape covered with its effortless combination of style and substance. Signature Cadillac performance, refinement and luxurious comfort are hallmarks of the 2015 SRX.

How to Avoid the Common Cold and Flu
Top ways to defend against cold or flu germs

Sick and stuck in bed? Who wants that? Unfortunately, with the winter season in full swing, the chances of catching the flu or a cold increases drastically.

Fun Things to Do on a Snowy Day
Enjoyable ways to spend the day when youíre stuck inside

The kids are off from school and you canít drive into work ó itís a snow day for all! But donít spend it lounging on the couch. A snowy day means you can take advantage of a whole new host of opportunities ó from fun activities to being productive. In fact, a snow day can sometimes be a blessing in disguise.

Take an Educational Vacation in Georgia
Get enlightened while getting away

A vacation, by definition, includes a break from normal activities like work or school. But that doesnít mean you still canít learn and get value from where you are visiting while taking time off. Here are just five of the many great educational vacations you can take in Georgia.

Car Care: Donít Let Winter Get You Down
Keep your car running right, regardless of the weather

With winter in full swing, keeping your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently is more important than ever. No one wants to get stuck on the side of the road during a nasty storm, or spend their time in the car shivering because the heater blows cold air. Even though some things are uncontrollable, there are things you can do to keep your vehicle in top shape.

Gadgets that Make Life Easier in the Kitchen
Simplify cooking with a number of neat tools

Donít you wish someone would invent something to make meal prep easier or help with a list of cooking tasks? Thereís good news: There really are inventions available ó ones that can make a huge difference when creating culinary masterpieces.

Sticking to Your New Yearís Resolution
Tips for making your New Yearís Resolution last

Itís a new year, and you probably have some exciting new resolutions to make it the best year yet. If youíve had resolutions in previous years that didnít last that long, donít get discouraged. There are many simple strategies you can use to help your resolutions last through the entire year.

Go Green in 2015
Basic tips for eco-friendly beginners

If one of your New Yearís Resolutions was to take better care of the environment, there are many places from where you can start. How you eat, how you travel, how you shop and how you live in general can all impact the great planet on which we live. While that may all seem a bit overwhelming, the best tip for going green is to start small. Here are a few basic tips to become more eco-conscious.

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