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Friday, January 27, 2012 Issue 429   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 429  
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Annise Parker Declares National War on Marriage
Wharton County Transgender saga continues
State Redistricting Court Battle Could Delay Primary Election Again

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Annise Parker Declares National War on Marriage
Chronicle: Houston Mayor Parker joins national gay marriage drive
by Stewart M. Powell and Chris Moran, Chronicle

WASHINGTON — Houston Mayor Annise Parker seized the vanguard of a drive by 78 mayors Friday to win the equal rights of marriage for gay couples, donning a national leadership role that contrasts sharply with her low-key demeanor back home. (emphasis added)

“This is an issue whose time has come,” Parker told the Houston Chronicle on Friday in Washington, where mayors from New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston and Tacoma, Wash., launched Mayors for the Freedom to Marry.

“I think that the issue is ripe, and mayors are stepping up.”

But the second-term Democrat underscored that she would not abandon her approach in Houston where she’s mayor first, a gay activist second.

“I didn’t ask my fellow mayors to step up and do this — this came from them,” Parker said.

Despite personal support for awarding same-sex couples the legal rights of married heterosexual couples, Parker said it was not her role to fight for an amendment to the Texas Constitution to override the state’s defense of marriage act or to win a ballot referendum to overturn it.

Nor was it her role...

Wharton County Transgender saga continues
Transgendered "widow" pleads guilty to stealing Rolex

EDITOR'S NOTE: ( Nikki "Araguz" is illicitly using that last name and is not legally a widow since by birth he is a male and District Judge Randy Clapp declared the marriage invalid for that reason.  This case is being appealed with the help of Mayor Annise Parker's transgender municipal judge appointee, Phllis Frye.) DW


Nikki Araguz, the transgendered widow at the center of a controversial lawsuit, admitted Wednesday to stealing the Rolex off the wrist of a woman she met at a bar last year.

The 36-year-old appeared in court in an orange jail uniform to plead guilty to felony theft in exchange for 50 days in jail.

Her attorney told visiting state District Judge George Godwin that she had already paid back $2,800 in restitution for the watch.

Araguz appeared to tear up as she admitted guilt in the Feb. 24, 2011 incident.

"She was upset," said her attorney, Jeff Downing.

Araguz was scheduled...

State Redistricting Court Battle Could Delay Primary Election Again
Redistricting Update III - Recap and News From Friday's Hearing

Friday afternoon, the Western District three-judge panel in San Antonio, which is overseeing redistricting and scheduling of the Texas primary, held a hearing in order to determine options as to when the Texas primary should be held, whether we will have one or two primaries, where the district lines will be, and an overall path forward on how to conduct the party's primaries and state conventions.

The court heard from attorneys from various plaintiffs groups, as well as lawyers from the Attorney General's office representing the State and the legislatively drawn maps, and also from the attorney for the Republican Party of Texas (RPT), Donna Davidson. The court also heard testimony from various witnesses, including Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart, who was called as a witness by the RPT. During the hearing, the court also allowed RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri to address the panel in order for him to outline numerous concerns of the state party relative to the primaries and state conventions...

...After the testimony and statements were taken, the court recessed, returned and issued a unanimous decision. The key points of that decision are as follows:
  1. They will issue an order suspending the deadlines of the December 16th order.
  2. They advised the political parties that they can inform party officials and candidates that the February 1st filing deadline will be vacated and that the drawing for ballot positions next week should be postponed.
  3. They indicated that if the parties could agree on maps and submit those maps by February 6th, that an April 3rd primary was still obtainable. However, the court and the attorneys have been very specific that any agreement is not a settlement.
  4. That if there was no agreement and maps were not drawn by February 6th, that an April 3rd primary would not take place.
  5. In the event there is no settlement agreement and maps are not completed by February 6th, the court makes no present indication of when the new primary would be rescheduled.
  6. In the event the parties cannot agree on new maps, the court requires them to submit advisories to the court as to which districts are still in dispute and the issues related thereto.
  7. The court will then schedule future hearings if necessary and issue new orders if necessary.

Advisory to all county party chairmen, precinct chairmen, and party activists - As it is still a possibility that we will...

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