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Wednesday, August 10, 2011 Issue 400   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 400  
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Metro CEO: ‘No excuse’ for porn; pastors want him gone
That's Faith!
Man To Man: An Evening With Louis Zamperini
Operation Military Salute - November 4, 2011

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Metro CEO: ‘No excuse’ for porn; pastors want him gone
by Conroe Courier

August 8, 2011

Metro CEO George Greanias returned to the job Monday after serving a one-week suspension for viewing pornography at work did not escape the notice of a prominent group of Houston-area church leaders.

Saying Greanias displayed an “appalling lack of decency, moral judgment and responsible decision-making,” the Houston Area Pastors Council called for his immediate firing.

In a statement released shortly afterward, Greanias said, in part:

“I made a terrible mistake by not only violating Metro policy, but also by letting down everyone in this agency and the public. There was no excuse for my behavior and I won’t offer one.”

He broke “trust with Metro employees and the public,” Greanias said in the statement, but he had been “transparent” with both the board and the media in the wake of the incident.

He described his punishment as “serious and appropriate,” adding he did not break the law.

Greanias was reprimanded for accessing adult content on his personal computer through the transit agency’s computer system on July 28. Some of the sites were for escort services.

“In a vital position of public trust we are far beyond the ‘do what I say not what I do’ methodology,” the pastors said in a written statement. “It is unacceptable and further undermines the already historically low public trust of city government fraught with deception, mismanagement, arrogance and contempt for the people they are charged with serving.”

The group, an interracial, interdenominational organization representing several hundred churches, cited the 63-year-old CEO’s claim that “some Metro employees who had the same thing ... had ‘no place’” at the transit agency.

“His leadership is irreparably damaged,” the group added in the statement.

Greanias was appointed Sept. 16, 2010, after becoming interim CEO following the departure of embattled Frank Wilson.
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That's Faith!
August 2011 Pastor Letter
by Ron Walters, KKHT 100.7FM

It’s a simple five-letter word and yet it defines every pastor’s calling—faith. God wants us to stand, walk and live by faith—which is the opposite of self-sufficiency. Faith is the ultimate piece of our ministry because “without faith it is impossible to please God.”

Scripture says, “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

I must confess; I get lost in that definition. So, here’s my best shot at making it clear:

Faith is following a God whose audible voice we’ve never heard, loving a Savior whose wonderful face we’ve never seen, obeying a Bible that’s forever under attack, and planning an eternity in a place we’ve never been.

Nevertheless, faith needs a yardstick to measure whether we’re successful or not, a laboratory where it can be proven, a head-lock to see if we can break free. And in every generation the world has gladly provided vise-grips for our faith to be tested. For starters, here’s a half-dozen illustrations:

During Rome’s era of insatiable excesses, it was faith that led Augustine to forego the riches of his father’s inheritance and surrender himself to serving the poor and the outcast—much to the embarrassment and displeasure of his family.

During the church corruption of the 5th century, it was faith that led John Chrysostom to speak out against the arrogant authority of those in power—much to the displeasure of the clergy who had been paid to water down the gospel.

Man To Man: An Evening With Louis Zamperini
August 27


In May 1943, an Army Air Bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean. The wreckage left three men floating in a raft on an unforgettable odyssey of suffering, resolve, and triumph. One of those men was Louis Zamperini, the subject of Laura Hillenbrand’s New York Times best-selling book, Unbroken. Zamperini, now, 94 years of age, has been many things: 1936 Olympic athlete, Japanese POW, decorated World War II veteran, husband, and all around rebel rouser.

Like Zamperini, we may find ourselves in a life raft floating in uncertain times. As men, we are not immune to the uncertainties of our profession, finances, and families. These uncertainties impact our lives daily. 

Join men from throughout Houston as Zamperini shares his life man-to-man in a candid recounting of how truly incredible God is in the midst of uncertainties, fears, and triumphs.

For Tickets and More Info, CLICK HERE

Operation Military Salute - November 4, 2011

Please register now for this patriotic event on Friday November 4, 2011 as we salute those who have served in our US Armed Forces, both past and present. We have an exciting line up of speakers, military and civilian, internationally recognized performers and local celebrities.

Ticket Sales are available now on our website at If you have served in our military, please fill out the reservation form for your ticket. Make your purchases early, this event will sell out and you don't want to miss it!

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