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Monday, April 18, 2011 Issue 364   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 364  
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Call Legislators to support sonogram bill today!
Saving Marriage in Texas: The Parental Divorce Reduction Act
Houston: An Evening with Barry and Linda Battelstein*

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Call Legislators to support sonogram bill today!
TXPC NOTE:  We concur with Texas Eagle Forum's assessment and support for the sonogram bill up for a vote today, so urge pastors and ministry leaders to call or email your Senators with a request that they vote for this bill.  A stronger bill should emerge from conference committee if passed and this is an excellent reminder of how even in a "conservative" state like Texas such a common sense pro-life bill faces significant opposition - on both side of the aise.  DW

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Legislative Alert - Sonogram Bill


Monday the sonogram bill CSHB (committee substitute house bill) 15 will be heard in the main body of the senate.

This is a bill TEF strongly supports.  It is not a perfect bill, but no bill is. There are too many people to please to get passage.  This bill moves forward in reducing the number of abortions performed in Texas and it will give a young woman more time and information in considering an abortion.

CSHB 15 will make the abortion facility perform a sonogram and do it so the patient can view the sonogram.  The doctor who is to perform the abortion must display the sonogram and explain what is in the sonogram (baby's arms, legs, heart).  This means there has to be a face to face between doctor and patient.  This does not happen now.  It has been estimated that this one provision will stop 40,000 abortions a year in Texas.  Thirdly, CSHB15 makes the young woman take 24 hours to make her decision (the exception is if the woman lives in a rural county of 60,000 or less, she must wait only 2 hours.)  This exception applies to only 6% of abortions performed each year.

Eagle Forum’s Founder and National President PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY has issued a statement in support of CSHB 15, a pro-life sonogram bill in the Texas State Senate.

“I am told that this bill will affect 94% of the abortions being sought each year in Texas,”  Mrs. Schlafly continued, “and while it’s not a perfect bill, it is a big step in the right direction and Eagle Forum supports its passage.”

It's urgent that you call or email your state senator Monday and ask him to vote for CSHB 15.

Sen. Brian Birdwell (R) 512-463-0122, John Carona (R) 512-463-0116, Wendy Davis (D) 512-463-0110, Robert Deuell (R) 512-463-0102, Robert Duncan (R) 512-463-0128, Rodney Ellis (D) 512-463-0113, Kevin Eltife (R) 512-463-0101, Craig Estes (R) 512-463-0130, Troy Fraser (R) 512-463-0124, Mario Gallego (D) 512-463-0106, Chris Harris (R) 512-463-0109, Glenn Hegar (R) 512-463-0118, Juan Hinojosa (D) 512-463-0120, Joan Huffman (R) 512-463-0117, Mike Jackson (R) 512-463-0111, Eddie Lucio (D) 512-463-0127, Jane Nelson (R) 512-463-0112, Robert Nichols (R) 512-463-0103, Steve Ogden (R) 512-463-0105, Dan Patrick (R) 512-463-0107, Jose Rodriguez (D) 512-463-0129, Kel Seliger (R) 512-463-0131, Florence Shapiro (R) 512-463-0108, Carlos Uresti (D) 512-463-0119, Leticia De Putte (D) 512-463-0126, Kirk Watson (D) 512-463-0114, Jeff Wentworth (R) 512-463-0125, Royce West (D) 512-463-0123, John Whitmire (D) 512-463-0115, Tommy Williams (R) 512-463-0104, Judith Zaffirini (D) 512-463-0121.

NOTE: An email can be sent to any state senator by senator's name


Saving Marriage in Texas: The Parental Divorce Reduction Act
HB 2855 would serve as a model to the nation
by Dave Welch

One of the most destructive forces that has nearly decimated the foundations of the United States of America has NOT been a threat by a foreign power, terrorist acts or even the sexual diversity movement.  It has been the demise of traditional marriage through the epidemic of divorce over the past half century.

 As just one part of our commitment to not only fight to defend the definition of marriage but to restore its integrity, we have worked with Mike McManus of Marriage Savers and Chris Gersen of Fatherhood and Marriage Leadership Institute, (former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families, Department of Health and Human Services) to introduce the Parental Divorce Reduction Act into the Texas Legislature this session.

 State Representative Charile Howard has served as author of the bill that is now HB 2855 and has been assigned to the Judiciiary and Civil Jurisprudence commmittee pending a hearing. 

 Please review the following critical data and be prepared to contact your State Representatives in support of this critical legislation.  Only transformed hearts through Christ will fully heal and restore marriages, however the social, economic and justice system benefits from reducing divorces with children are literally immeasurable – most importantly in stopping the bleeding of broken families.

1.     Overview of Parental Divorce Reduction Act


·         The Parental Divorce Reduction Act is a new proposal to reduce divorces involving marriages with children.

·         A broad consensus of studies finds that divorce has serious negative lifelong psychological consequences for children, and costs taxpayers billions of dollars annually.   A significant number of these divorces are avoidable. The goal of this Act is to reduce divorces where minor children are involved.

In testimony before a U.S. Senate subcommittee, Dr. Patrick Fagan of the Heritage Foundation presented the results of extensive studies that show devastating impact on children individually and society as a whole as divorce skyrocketed (The Impact of Marriage and Divorce on Children):

Houston: An Evening with Barry and Linda Battelstein*

An Evening with Barry and Linda Battelstein*

Teaching “When Your Judgments come Upon the Earth,

The People of the World Learn Righteousness” Isaiah 26


Friday, May 6th, 7 – 9 pm

Home of Al and Lisa Hartman

918 Huntington Cove – Across from Second Baptist Church at Voss

(Overflow parking at church)


 *Barry and Linda are founders of Chaim Ministries, a biblical teaching and ministry outreach to Israel and the church

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