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Thursday, August 12, 2010 Issue 289   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 289  
California federal judge’s action “raw judicial activism” declare pastors

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California federal judge’s action “raw judicial activism” declare pastors
“Vaughn Walker’s decision to allow same sex marriages during appeal of Prop 8 decision should result in his impeachment.”
by Dave Welch

Houston, TX -   The Texas Pastor Council, an inter-racial, inter-denominational organization representing local pastor councils in Houston, Austin, Beaumont, El Paso and other pastors throughout the state, issued the following statement in response to Thursday’s action by U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker only granting a temporary stay through August 18 of his decision to overturn California’s Proposition 8 defining marriage as a union only between one man and one woman, thereby allowing same-sex marriages to commence in California on that date:


“The breathtakingly bad decision to overturn a duly adopted state constitutional amendment using spurious extra-constitutional creativity has been compounded by Justice Vaughn’s reprehensible decision to allow same sex marriages to proceed even while his decision is being appealed,”  stated Executive Director Dave Welch on behalf of the Texas Pastor Council, a group that actively supported Texas’ similar Proposition 2 in 2005.  “Given the clear and evident reluctance of the current U.S. Supreme Court to tamper with states’ rights to define marriage, it is very likely that Walker’s decision will ultimately be reversed.  For him to take such aggressive action even while understanding that possibility is not only unthinkable it should be impeachable.”


Welch asserted that Vaughn’s action is simply the latest in a series of radical court decisions undermining the separation of powers and even the right of self government of the people. “Vaughn’s act of judicial tyranny gives more clear evidence why we need a federal Defense of Marriage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to once and for all take this issue out of the hands of activist judges like him.  We urge pastors all across the United States to rise up and demand that their congressmen and U.S. Senators finally take this action and present the amendment to the states for ratification.”


Pastors across every ethic and denominational identity who adhere to the historic beliefs of the Jewish and Christian faiths must decide that not only should the definition of marriage be protected for the posterity of our nation; we should also mount a counter offensive to restore the value and sanctity of marriage in our culture, Welch concluded on behalf of their pastor councils in Texas.  “Strong marriages between one natural man and one natural women are the foundational building block of our nation, without which we will collapse.  No judge or court can or should aid in destroying the institution God ordained for our good and blessing of all people of all times.”

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