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Monday, April 26, 2010 Issue 272   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 272  
Calendar of Events
Last Chance to Register! Building Bridges Forum - April 29
Urgent National Day of Prayer message from Steve Riggle
Will the real hatemongers please stand up?
Guest Commentary: Tea Partiers in Two Camps: Sarah Palin vs. Ron Paul

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Last Chance to Register! Building Bridges Forum - April 29
Featuring Dr. Robert Sloan, Jr. of Houston Baptist University

Click Here to register for this informative luncheon with Dr. Robert Sloan Jr.

Urgent National Day of Prayer message from Steve Riggle



With the recent ruling by a federal judge in Wisconsin that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional, it is more important than ever that we stand for God in the public square.   I am asking you to help lead the charge for this event. 


Please help support the National Day of Prayer in the following ways --



  1. STAND UP -- Publicly rally your congregation to attend the National Day of Prayer at city hall (900 Bagby), Thursday May 6th at noon by talking about the event in your services over the next 2 weekends.
  2. GET THE WORD OUT — to everyone in your contact list, church list, ministry list, personal list.
  3. SHOW UP -- Make plans to personally join other pastors and ministry leaders from around the city on the platform at the event.



I believe our efforts in the next 2 weeks could make this the most attended National Day of Prayer Event in Houston history.  Now is the time to concentrate all our efforts on this important “showing up” time.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of you and praying together with the body of Christ in Houston.



In Him,

Steve Riggle 

Will the real hatemongers please stand up?
by Dave Welch, USPC Executive Director


Underlying the recent decision by the Wisconsin federal judge ruling the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional and the Pentagon's decision to throw Franklin Graham (one of the great Christian humanitarians of our day) under the politically correct bus is an ominous reality.

Religious pluralism has poisoned, weakened and undermined the Judeo-Christian framework of our culture and laws to a crisis point.

Our major institutions of media, education and government have become intolerant of orthodox Christianity because we have for too long been tolerant of false teaching, false religions, sin, injustice and evil. We have submitted the church to the state inappropriately and allowed pulpits to be muzzled through ignorance, fear, seminary training, historical ignorance and fundamental biblical bankruptcy.

Contrast Graham, founder and president of Samaritan's Purse, which has provided disaster relief, food, water, shelter and much more to millions in impoverished nations – mostly Muslim, by the way – to Mickey Weinstein. Weinstein is founder of Military Religious Freedom Foundation and the driving force behind Graham's ejection.

While Weinstein has a military background, served in the Reagan administration and has two sons who are also graduates of the Air Force Academy, his jihad against the "evangelical, fundamentalist religious right" is anything but tolerant.

Guest Commentary: Tea Partiers in Two Camps: Sarah Palin vs. Ron Paul
by James Hohmann

Tea party activists are divided roughly into two camps, according to a new POLITICO/TargetPoint poll: one that’s libertarian-minded and largely indifferent to hot-button values issues and another that’s culturally conservative and equally concerned about social and fiscal issues.

The survey, an exit poll conducted Thursday by Edison Research at the massive Tax Day protest on the National Mall, found that the attendees were largely hostile to President Barack Obama and the national Democratic Party – three-quarters believe the president “is pursuing a socialist agenda.”

Yet they aren’t enamored of the Republican Party as an alternative. Overall, three out of four tea party attendees said they were “scared about the direction” of the country and “want to send a message to both political parties.”

The results, however, suggest a distinct fault line that runs through the tea party activist base, characterized by two wings led by the politicians who ranked highest when respondents were asked who “best exemplifies the goals of the tea party movement” – former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), a former GOP presidential candidate.

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