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Friday, October 26, 2012 Issue 497   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 497  

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Senator Carona clarifies his positions on marriage, GLBT
by Dave Welch, TXPC Executive Director

Senator John Carona responded to our letter of concern by calling me at our office today, and has assured us that he is completely committed to maintaining his record as pro-marriage and pro-family in response to the concerns raised by an article in the Dallas Voice (“Texas Pastor Council responds to Sen. Carona's GLBT support”).  His comments reported as “evolving” on issues like domestic partner benefits and same sex marriage were not accurately reported in context, according to the Senator in our conversation.

He was reported as saying that he would “support bills in Texas to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment; offer domestic partner benefits to state university employees; and allow same-sex adoptive parents to have both names on birth certificates.” 

He explained to me that his use of “evolving” was poor choice of words and that he was simply trying to communicate that as a legislator his is open to listening to constituents’ views.  He said that the only position accurately reported was regarding the birth certificate issue. His concern is that since Texas currently allows same-sex couple adoption, it makes sense that both of the adopting “couple” should be listed.  As a practical matter he is correct on following the logic, however he also confirmed that he opposes same-sex couple adoption on principle and would support another effort to ban it.

Senator Carona stated that he would not propose or support anything legitimizing the GLBT agenda or to undermine the traditional family and marriage.  We will take him at his word and expect that position from his in the upcoming 2013 legislative session.  On behalf of TXPC I would like to express appreciation to the senator for calling personally and clarifying his positions.  In addition, we plan to coordinate a team of pastors in his district to meet with him for ongoing dialogue.

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