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Wednesday, October 24, 2012 Issue 495   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 495  

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Media Advisory: Texas Pastor Council responds to Sen. Carona's GLBT support
Pro-Marriage Pastors Call On Senator Carona To Support Marriage

October 24, 2012


The Honorable John Carona
P.O. Box 12068
Austin, Texas 78711


Dear Senator Carona:

You reportedly announced that you would support adding sexual behavior to state anti-discrimination laws, domestic partners to state employee benefits and make pro-Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered changes to adoption laws (Dallas Voice, 10/23/12). Those views are in sharp contrast to not only the values of your party but more importantly the values and the laws of Texas.  We strongly urge you to consider some key principles as stated by a few of our lead pastors that represent the views of most in your district and statewide:

“Sen. Carona’s views may be ‘evolving” as he claims, using the same language President Barak Obama used in announcing his support for same sex marriage. However, the Republican Party platforms at both state and national levels have been very strong in defending traditional marriage. In addition, 76% of Texas voters encoded those principles into our state constitution in 2005.” (Dr. Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas)

“The senator is falling prey to the false premise that any relationship of two or more people living together is equal to the historic, sacred and proven institution of the covenant marriage relationship between one man and one woman. God created this institution ‘In the beginning…’, man’s laws affirm its intrinsic value to society and anything that undermines it – including recognizing domestic partnerships and same sex “couples” in adoption – is a violation of both God’s and man’s law.”  (Dr. Steve Riggle, senior pastor of Grace Community Church, Houston)

“Elected officials and government administrators who believe they can act in direct contrast with the moral laws of God and the clear intent of the people as defined in the Texas Constitution without consequences are going to be faced with an unpleasant reality. We will no longer be silent, intimidated or ignored when traditional marriage, the nuclear family and our moral standards are threatened. We love God and love His people too much to allow those threats to remain unchallenged.” (Pastor Charles Flowers of Faith Outreach Center in San Antonio)

  We must link your actions at this particular time to the current  effort in Pflugerville ISD to add domestic partners to district benefits. There is indeed an agenda involved to deconstruct the definition of marriage and family through policies such as those you have proposed.  We cannot over emphasize our commitment to preserve those sacred and irreplaceable institutions with all the spiritual, moral, cultural and electoral resources at our disposal.  We sincerely ask you to publicly restate your past support of traditional marriage and decline to support the effort to violate God’s laws and the state constitution through recognizing non-marital relationships in our state laws as being equal to marriage.


              Dave Welch

              Executive Director, Texas Pastor Council




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