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Monday, October 17, 2011 Issue 410   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 410  

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Annise Parker's GLBT agenda for Houston
Annise Parker's GLBT agenda for Houston
View and forward this powerful video exposing anti-family agenda!

In 2009, Annise Parker successfully downplayed her lesbian lifestyle as a “non-issue” to her public policy and what she would do as mayor of Houston.

Over the next two years, she has proven it to be exactly the opposite as we predicted then.

This video is only the “lowlights” of her administration and does not include her support of taxing churches and schools through Proposition 1 “Rebuild Houston” and the massive new drainage fee on properties; or raising 130 fees in the city and water rates by 40%.

Annise Parker's GLBT agenda for Houston

Please watch this video, send it to your list and make sure you vote in the November 8 General Election - Early Voting begins October 24! - (go to for more resources) to raise up God’s standard of righteousness over the nation’s fourth largest city!

EVERY Christian votes - do it with your prayerful, informed presence at the polls!

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