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Monday, February 7, 2011 Issue 332   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 332  

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Pastors - Your Voice Needed!
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Pastors - Your Voice Needed!
Houston should not tax churches, schools and non-profits!

 The Houston Flood & Drainage Meeting has been RESCHEDULED for this Wednesday, February 9.

Come out Wednesday, February 9 and stand FOR honesty in elections and AGAINST a massive new tax on our churches!


WHEN: Wednesday, February 9, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
WHAT: Houston City Council Drainage and Flooding Committee Town Hall
WHERESouthwest Multi-Service Center, 6400 High Star Drive, Houston, 77074
WHY: Discuss the implementation of Proposition 1/Rebuild Houston - or the "Rain Tax"

Call the HAPC office at 832-688-9166 for more information about meeting!

Pastors - please send this or your memo to your church list asking members who live in Houston to join you in coming to very clearly show these Houston City Council members that the ONLY good vote is a NO vote on any new fee/tax!

Houston taxpayers - come out and show your opposition to this election deception and major new 7-layer tax!

The bottom line is that Proposition 1 was a campaign of deception; a scheme hatched by major engineering and contracting firms and led by one of their own, Council Member Stephen Costello, to benefit from billions of dollars in contracts AT YOUR EXPENSE.  EVERY Houston taxpayer will pay this Drainage Fee/Tax up to SEVEN times as shown - you'll pay at HOME, CHURCH, BUSINESS, SCHOOL, while doing your shopping, etc.

Please plan to attend and support the Coalition For a Greater Houston team of pastors, school officials, business leaders, etc. who are standing strong against this election deception and indefensible TAX on churches as well as new burden on already strapped taxpayers!

Proposition 1 was UNNECESSARY.

The annual revenues owed the city by Metro alone would provide over $90 million; combined with existing designated funds the total easily reaches the $125 million threshold— properly allocated sales tax revenues would also provide adequate funding, both WITHOUT NEW FEES.

Proposition 1 was DECEPTIVE

The ballot language was so vague as to clearly mislead voters; many if not most citizens who cast “For” votes did not know they were adopting a massive new tax on every property in the city.  Deception in elections destroys democracy.

Proposition 1 authorized a FUND not FEES

The only specific action in the ballot language authorizes a “pay-as-you-go fund” with NO mention of a fee/tax or a minimum of $125 million.

The “five dollars per household” marketing scheme has already DOUBLED to ten dollars BEFORE implementation.

Proposition 1/Renew Houston/Rebuild Houston will devastate struggling families, churches, schools, non-profits and small businesses.

The proposed minimum fee of $1415 per acre of impervious property will add up to tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for churches, schools, non-profits, shopping malls, auto dealers and thousands of other businesses.

It would add up to SEVEN layers of new taxation on Houston families.

Proposition 1 shatters the historic barrier of not taxing churches, schools and non-profit organizations for the immeasurable and irreplaceable value they provide to society.

This is the proverbial camel’s nose, head and humps in the tent for multiple taxing jurisdictions to do the same thing.

Proposition 1 was sponsored, promoted and funded by those who will profit in the billions of dollars by its passage.

The city council member who proposed it and the major engineering firms and contractors behind the multi-million dollar campaign will directly reap hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from it. We used to call this type of profiteering scheme bilking the taxpayers, “graft”.

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