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Tuesday, June 29, 2010 Issue 284   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 284  

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Bill White’s "Gay Pride"
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Bill White’s "Gay Pride"
by Dave Welch

Bill White, former mayor of Houston and current candidate for governor, is no stranger to the annual GLBT Pride parade in his home city.  He proudly marched in it every year he served as mayor and did not disappoint the sexual diversity crowd this year.  White was joined by Houston city council members Yolanda Jones, Sue Lovell,  Jarvis Johnson, C.O. Bradford and Steven Costello – and of course, Mayor Annise Parker on June 26 for the 2010 parade.


Also proudly waving from his car as he rode down the parade route, was Democrat Harris County District Clerk, Loren Jackson.  Two of the most grievous and offensive elements of the parade  were that is was opened and led by uniformed Houston Police Department officers and a squad car, later followed by the Houston Fire Department. 


Houston citizens’ tax dollars, elected officials, and emergency service personnel reveling in a festival of sexual behavior that would shock most people – and should.  There is no shortage of video materials to graphically illustrate what this lifestyle and agenda are really about. However, I felt it important that pastors and Christian men of greater Houston see that this is happening in our city, on our watch and now with the formal, official blessing of our mayor, so I drove to Montrose armed with video camera.



Imagine watching children from toddlers to teenagers not just at the Pride Parade (by the way, it is not “Gay Pride” for reasons I’ll explain in a moment), but IN the parade – surrounded by half nude men and women gyrating in simulated sex acts.  I did watch it.  I looked in the eyes of many young men and women as well who are caught in the snare of lies and deception that they are just animals and should behave as such.


We will be editing and producing a video of this parade that will be shown and distributed to pastors in every venue we can as well as to the Christian men in leadership roles in this city.  It was OUR failure to stand in the gap that allowed the election of a sodomite who has now proven (remember cross dressing men in the women’s restrooms?) that her lifestyle IS her public policy agenda.


It is OUR duty to see that we redress this grievance by assuring we choose leaders of faith, character and virtue to provide moral leadership rather than amoral depravity.


By the way, Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union were also in the parade – again.   The common denominator of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender movement, the pro-death, pro-abortion movement and the anti-religious legal attack dogs is demand for freedom from the “tyranny” of Christianity and its “restraints.”


Pastors, sitting safely on the sidelines is no longer an option; as in Esther’s day, if we do not stand boldly, God will send deliverance from another source but we will be in the crosshairs of His judgment.


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