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Tuesday, May 17, 2011 Issue 374   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 374  
Current News
Urgent: Texas trying to save funding for abortion industry
Letter to State Rep Regarding PP Funding

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Current News
Urgent: Texas trying to save funding for abortion industry
Dangerous push to restore $61.7 million in family planning funds in the state budget!
by Elizabeth Graham, Texas Right to Life


House Bill 1 could be the most Pro-Life budget ever passed in Texas, but some legislators on the budget conference committee want to restore a huge revenue stream to the abortion industry!  State and federal dollars should go to health care providers who do not provide or refer for abortion. 


Our sources in the Legislature told Texas Right to Life that efforts were underway to restore the $61.7 million to family planning that was removed by overwhelming majorities in the State House.   


However, due to immediate pushback by our Pro-Life elected representatives, the conference committee last night left the final amount for family planning programs pending. 


Action is needed now! 


Contact the members of the House Bill 1 Conference Committee and urge them to keep both the Williams Senate rider AND the House family planning cuts in the state budget


On April 1st, the Texas House of Representatives overwhelmingly adopted 8 different amendments to redirect $61.7 million away from the abortion industry to other worthy programs.  The House was careful not to move additional family planning funds, leaving $104 million untouched in family planning required for complete compliance with federal spending mandates. 


Over 300 "clean" clinics, agencies, and offices across the state qualify to provide family planning services.  These clinics and agencies do not provide or refer for abortion and offer a full spectrum of health care services, not just reproductive-related services. State and federal dollars should go to health care providers who do not provide or refer for abortion. 


While the amount of funds allocated to family planning has steadily increased over the years, 81,851 women in Texas still chose abortion in 2008, the last year for which data is available.  Our tax dollars should not go to the abortion industry under the guise of family planning.  Furthermore, any woman seeking contraception should certainly not be going to an abortion clinic for such purpose, especially when Planned Parenthood makes hundreds of millions selling abortions nationwide as the largest provider of abortion in Texas and America


When Texas faces such dramatic shortfalls in the budget, Texas Right to Life finds NO excuse acceptable for our elected officials to not adopt BOTH the Williams rider and the $61.7 million reallocated away from family planning in the state budget.  If there is any money “found,” such money can certainly be put to a better use. 


Please contact the budget conferees NOW, this morning, and respectfully request that they maintain the Williams Senate rider and the House family planning cuts in the state budget.  Ask them to KEEP House Bill 1 the most Pro-Life budget ever passed in Texas for Texans, born and unborn! 


Yours for Life,

Elizabeth Graham
Director, Texas Right to Life

Letter to State Rep Regarding PP Funding


TO:  Hon. John Zerwas, State Representative, District 28

FROM:  Dave Welch, Executive Director

DATED:  May 17, 2011

RE:  HB 2299 and SB 1854; family planning funding


It has been communicated to us that you have concerns about or are opposed to provisions in appropriations and/or through HB 2299 as well as SB 1854 that would improve family planning services for low income women while excluding Planned Parenthood from state funding.  We know you to be pro-life, so I will get straight to the bottom line.

 Planned Parenthood is not only the nation’s largest abortion provider.  As is heavily documented in the enclosed documentary “Maafa 21” produced by Life Dynamics as well as research by Dr. Melvin Johnson, a black pastor raised in Southeast Texas, author and senior pastor of Heart of Christ Community Church in Brazoria, Texas; Planned Parenthood was birthed in the dark cloud of Darwinian-based eugenics targeted at exterminating the black population.

Their roots in the American Eugenics Society that had direct overlap with and even served as example for Hitler’s racial extermination policies are also well documented.  This organization is responsible not only for the taking of more innocent lives than any other in our nation, its insidious ties to the evil of racial cleansing make it clear that they should never receive one dime of taxpayers’ dollars.

The only pro-life vote on these bills is to support the removal of family planning funding from Planned Parenthood for these very reasons.  In addition, you have been provided with evidence that myriad more credible programs are available that provide a full scope of legitimate women’s health services in every area Planned Parenthood “serves” – without fostering the evil duo of abortion and racial extermination.

On behalf of those now and in the future you are charged with protecting, we ask, urge and expect you to vote in favor of these bills to assure innocent lives of both born and unborn are protected from the predatory agenda of Planned Parenthood.  Thank you for your time and your service to the citizens of your district and this state. 


Cc: Pastor Steve Littlefield, Simonton Community Church

      Texas Pro-life organizations

      Dr. Melvin Johnson

      TXPC associated councils and pastors 


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