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Houston No UNequal Rights update
Preparing for for an expected national "Showdown in Houston" on the November ballot!
by Dave Welch, TXPC Executive Director

We have received many requests for an update on the status of the No UNequal Rights referendum petition and while we are in a “hurry up and wait mode” on hand, we are also moving ahead with planning for an aggressive voter mobilization effort through November 4, trusting that of the over 50,000 (31,000 pre-verified) signatures filed with the city on July 3, the necessary 17,000 will be confirmed by City Secretary Anna Russell.

(Pastor Max Miller flanked by key pastors and leaders speaks to press before petition delivery July 3)

Her office has until August 3 to review the signatures and certify a verified count to the Houston City Council, as well as to confirm the official minimum signatures needed.  That timeline would have her likely making her report at the August 6 City Council session

Once the minimum signatures threshold is certified as being achieved, the City Council must either repeal the ordinance or vote to place it on the November 4 General Election ballot.  We expect the latter to take place.

As is clearly evident the pro-LGBT media such as the Houston Chronicle are already tooling up their campaign support propaganda claiming that opposition to the ordinance by the thousands of emails, calls, involvement by churches of every size and color as well as ultimately over 50,000 signatures are just a few limited political and religious groups.”

An agenda driven by those who have accepted a lie about who God is, rejected His word, the existence of any moral absolutes and their basic design as men or women will naturally be filled with the same deception, misinformation and attempted demonization of those who have the audacity to stand for our God’s created order.  We fully expect Mayor Parker and her allies to continue to use all of those methods, however are confident that if the pastors and churches of the city repeat the level of intensity in delivering our votes as we did our signatures, the Lord will bring victory in November.

With that said, MUCH work remains, led by passionate intercessory prayer, so we will be following up soon with critical action plan steps for every pastor and church unit to again show the world what it looks like when The Church stands shoulder to shoulder for the cause of our Lord and His righteousness and justice!

Obama to Sign Executive Order Protecting LGBT People From Employment Discrimination Monday; No Religious Exemption
by Anugrah Kumar , Christian Post Contributor

President Barack Obama plans to sign on Monday an executive order that protects lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workers from discrimination by federal contractors, the White House said. There is no new exemption for religious organizations.

The order bars federal contractors from discriminating against their employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity, and protects federal employees from discrimination based on their gender identity.

The move comes after the failure of the White House to have the Employment Non-Discrimination Act passed in Congress, and amid increasing calls by LGBT groups for a measure bypassing legislative approval.

The White House says the order will affect 24,000 companies and 8 million employees.

"Obama's executive order does not modify that Bush exemption" The Huffington Post quoted a senior administration official as saying. "It stands."

This means that the employers will be allowed to hire people based on their faith, but barred from discriminating against them based on sexual orientation. (emphasis added)

The ENDA Senate bill...


Texas Department of Criminal Justice Volunteer Training
Important program for church-based prison ministry involvement

Barbed Wire
TDCJ Training
Thursday July 24, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM CDT
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Encourager Church
10950 Old Katy Rd
Houston, TX 77043
Driving Directions
Dear Pastors and Church Leaders,
If you've been considering becoming a volunteer inside a Texas prison, now is the time!  You're invited to take the first step by obtaining your TDCJ approval:  
Attend a security training hosted at Encourager Church, and conducted by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Then you will be approved by TDCJ for any correctional unit in the state.  This is the first step and is separate from any MInistry Training that may be required by the Ministry group that you go into the prison with.  
Coming to this event on July 24 is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get approved. 
If you plan to attend the TDCJ training on July 24th, please click the REGISTER NOW link below and show up with your Texas Driver's License.
Register Now!
We look forward to seeing you on July 24th at 6:00 p.m.  There are limited spaces, so please let us know if your plans change.  
In God We Trust, 
Rhonda Arias
Portal Houston

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