Monday, March 24, 2014
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What Can a Simple Thank You Note do for Your Business?

What can a simple note delivered by mail do for your business? A thank you note tells your prospect, client, referral, Center of Influence, etc., that you value them as a person, not just as a source of income or referrals.
Instead of running out to the local card shop to purchase Thank You cards, order them on MarketEDGE and have a set of pre-customized cards mailed to you.*
* Pre-customization options include choice  of font type, various inside card sentiments, apply approved DBA logo(s) and pre-address with your contact information. Once you receive your box of cards, you can further customize them before sending them on to clients and or prospects.
Here’s how to get started:
  • Get steps on how to order your bulk Thank You cards on MarketEDGE
  • For MarketEDGE questions, contact the MarketEDGE Team at or 1-877-734-5321.

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