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Tuesday, April 3, 2012 Green Vol: 1.38: Earth Day 2012 Show, Get Your Nonprofit Certified, 7 Ways to Save Money by Going Green   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 40  
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THE GREEN NONPROFIT RADIO SHOW on Nonprofit Coach w/ Ted Hart
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7 Ways to Make Money by Going Green
Join The Green Movement - Your Support Is Appreciated
GET Certified. Show Your Progress in Going Green
Earth Day: History of A Movement
THE GREEN NONPROFIT RADIO SHOW on Nonprofit Coach w/ Ted Hart
Franklin Russell, Director of Earth Day is our Expert Guest

 Franklin Russell, Director of Earth Day

April 10 @ 12:00 PM Eastern

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(347) 324-3080

Special Edition of the Nonprofit Coach with Ted Hart Radio Show is dedicated to Greening the Nonprofit World. Bringing expert advice to the nonprofit sector and drawing from the Nonprofit Guide to Going Green helping nonprofits green their efforts and carbon footprint, shows nonprofit executives proactive steps they can take to protect the environment and helps charities on the path to becoming a certified Green Nonprofit from THE GREEN SHOW delivers a timely and essential call to GREEN action for this new century. 

Page 2 Expert:   Franklin Russell, Director of Earth Day, previously served as the Assistant Director for Earth Day 2011. Franklin’s ties to the environmental movement are rooted in his work as an environmental activist in college and his work as a farmhand for an organic strawberry farm. Prior to joining the Earth Day team, his previous positions include Business Manager of Red Fox Farm, Admissions Counselor for Goucher College, and Director of Intramurals for Goucher College, a program which he founded in 2007. Additionally, Franklin has worked with former US Congressman Tom Allen and Member of the UK Parliament, Chris Huhne. Franklin has a Bachelor Degree from Goucher College.


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7 Ways to Make Money by Going Green
by Mary Mazzoni

Many of us are on pretty tight budgets these days. So, if you could use a few extra dollars in your pocket this month, why not cash in on your green habits to fatten your wallet and lighten your footprint? From recycling your iPhone to renting out your parking space, here are seven ways to make money by being green.

Join The Green Movement - Your Support Is Appreciated
Where Green Meets Good

Join the movement! Where Nonprofits/NGO's from around the world are being seen as more GREEN. By becoming a member of GreenNonprofits, Inc. you will reap the benefits of both our online and offline greening programs. Through signing our pledge and seeking certification, you will be joining this unique global group of distinguished organizations.

Start your path today for the low cost of $55 as an individual member or $125 as an institution. click on Join

GET Certified. Show Your Progress in Going Green

Just because the economy is difficult for charitable organizations doesn't mean your commitment to the environment should suffer. Grants support available for charities submitting their Certification Application

Email us and share the support you need to make it possible for your organization to become certified.


The first step is to create your certification profile online and start earning points. You only need 100 points to become certified. You can start earning points right way. 





NOTE: You may also download the PDF application and submit via fax to 206-203-4758


The centerpiece of the GreenNonprofit movement is for each charity to become certified. This is a process that is both easy to understand and takes time to complete.  With our "Point Saver" Feature, you can create a profile, earn points, save them and come back to add more points as you work toward your goal of 100 points.

1. See what points you may have already earned with actions you have already taken
2. Review options for earning other points
3. Save your work
4. Engage your organization to make additional changes
5. Come back and add your new points
6. Repeat 2-5 until you have earned 100 points


Go to and click on certification to get started. You can download the PDF application form or use the new online registration system.


In an effort to recognize and certify outstanding Green Nonprofits and promote their services, GreenNonprofits has established the certification program. By participating in this program and becoming certified, your charity will publically declare your commitment to these principles while joining this unique global group of superior organisations. 
The GreenNonprofits certification process is unique to each nonprofit/NGO’s goals to become greener.  To complete the program it could take several weeks to severl months depending on how much progress you have already earned and how much time you devote to making necessary change.

Earth Day: History of A Movement
by Earth Day Network

Each year, Earth Day -- April 22 -- marks the anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. The height of hippie and flower-child culture in the United States, 1970 brought the death of Jimi Hendrix, the last Beatles album, and Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Protest was the order of the day, but saving the planet was not the cause. War raged in Vietnam, and students nationwide increasingly opposed it.

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