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Thursday, February 16, 2012 Green Vol. 1.37: Executive Director Appointed, The Lorax, Power a House, Green budgeting, Glen Croston, Certify your Nonprofit   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 37  
Power/ Energy Efficiency
New Green Nonprofits Executive Director appointed
Universal Pictures Lets the Lorax Speak for the Trees!
Popular Podcast: Jim Lynch - Green Tech
GET Certified. Show Your Progress in Going Green
Power A House with One Artificial Leaf and One Gallon of Water?
Green Budgeting - Glen Croston

February 17 @ 1:00 PM Eastern

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Special Edition of the Nonprofit Coach with Ted Hart Radio Show is dedicated to Greening the Nonprofit World. Bringing expert advice to the nonprofit sector and drawing from the Nonprofit Guide to Going Green helping nonprofits green their efforts and carbon footprint, shows nonprofit executives proactive steps they can take to protect the environment and helps charities on the path to becoming a certified Green Nonprofit from THE GREEN SHOW delivers a timely and essential call to GREEN action for this new century. 


Page 2 Expert: Glenn Croston is a noted expert on green business communication, strategy and best practices. Rather than focusing on the problems we face, Croston focuses on the solutions that entrepreneurs and businesses can provide and build a successful business in the process. 

Croston is the author of the books 75 Green Businesses You can Start to Make Money and Make a Difference and Starting Green: An Ecopreneur’s Toolkit to Starting a Green Business from Business Plan to Profits with Entrepreneur Press, highlighting the many opportunities for people from any background to start a green business and to green their existing business. 

Through his website Starting Up Green (, Croston provides affordable but effective communications and media help for small businesses, filling an important need by helping them to boost their visibility without busting their budget.

He is a regular contributor to and, and has been featured in the San Diego Union-Tribune, LA Times, the New York Times,,, and hundreds of blogs, print, internet, and radio outlets. A regular speaker at green events and a sustainability consultant, he lays out the greatest green opportunities of our time, the business case for sustainability, and how people from every background can do the right thing for themselves and for our planet by building a successful and profitable green business. He is also directing training and education for Prime Solar Network (, a solar power sales company growing across the country.

Walking the green walk, Croston lives with his family in San Diego with a hybrid car, solar panels, compost heap, and compact fluorescent bulbs and received his Ph.D. in biology from UC San Diego.



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New Green Nonprofits Executive Director appointed
Dianne Peach, Executive Director
by Ted Hart

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dianne Peach as the new Executive Director for Mrs. Peach has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years, providing support to organizations both large and small.  In that time she has worked closely with and learned valuable skills from many leaders in this field.  As a resident of the Northwest USA she is avid supporter of efforts to protect nature. Peach brings her extensive experience and knowledge of nonprofit operations, along with her interest in the environment to her work at
GreenNonprofits was founded to be an accessible source of information about greening your nonprofit workplace, and to be a desktop tool for any nonprofit to become green[er].  As people and corporations around the world become more "green" they in turn expect the nonprofits they support to also take proactive steps to protect the environment. GreenNonprofits will lead the way in helping Nonprofits/NGOs around the world meet this challenge.
Dianne Peach lives in Spokane, WA with her husband and three children.
Executive Director:
West Coast office – 509-443-8676
East Coast office - 888-99-GREEN
Fax - 206-203-4758

Universal Pictures Lets the Lorax Speak for the Trees!
The Lorax Project Promotes Green Information for Children

Youtube link to 1972 Lorax Movie:

Link to 2012 New Lorax Movie Website:


How We Won

Jan 26, 2012

The students of Ted Wells's fourth grade class love the classic Dr. Suess story, "The Lorax." When they saw the movie promotion from Universal Studios lacked enough of a environmental message, they launched the "Lorax Petition Project," a petition on that gained more than 50,000 signatures. Here is an update from Ted Wells on the campaign:

Universal Studios changed 'The Lorax' webpage almost exactly as my class requested! They even used the Truffala tree image for a button and linked the Green Tips Random House page, just like my students suggested in this petition.

An executive at Universal Studios told me this development was already in the works, and that we accelerated their plans. Not only that, they have some environmental partnerships coming out soon with Scholastic lessons, an AdCouncil USDA Forest Service "get outside" public service announcement, and two other projects with Whole Foods and Seventh Generation. With five weeks until the movie hits theaters, these programs should help millions green up their communities and live like the Lorax.

I couldn't be more proud of my 4th graders! They rallied 57,000 of you (including celebrities like Ed Norton and musicians like 30 Seconds to Mars and Solving for X!) who know the meaning of "Unless." The kids made posters, wrote a script in they style of Seuss, then shot a video! They've also been reaching out to everyone they know, lighting a fire under this cause, then graphing your signature count to track the progress of their project.

They learned many lessons along the way, most importantly, that they can make a difference.

This reminds me of the Margaret Mead quote, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

Or, a quote from Dr. Suess, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not."

Why This Is Important

Adding environmental education to The Lorax movie website is important because this is the message of the book and it should be honored. Dr. Seuss wanted people to be inspired by The Lorax to help the environment. Currently, the movie website, trailer, and story summary have no mention of helping our planet! This is a missed opportunity. There are big problems in our natural world and we need more and more people helping out.

- - -

Our 4th grade class read Dr. Seuss’s, The Lorax, and liked that the Lorax character “spoke for the trees.” We do this at our school by running a recycling program and by canceling unwanted catalogs -! The book encourages people to help the planet. We enjoyed that in the end the Once-ler realized that life is not just about making money, it’s about what’s best for others and the environment.

We were excited for The Lorax movie to come out in March, but when we went to the movie website, there was absolutely nothing about saving the Earth which is what Dr. Seuss wanted us to learn. The site is more about selling tickets. The trailer did not include much about the environment, either! We think Universal Pictures needs to “green up" this website.

Our world, like the Lorax’s, is facing major environmental problems like pollution, global warming, oil spills, littering, a Great Pacific Garbage Patch, deforestation, and loss of animal habitat. These problems will affect our future.

The Lorax movie, with its millions of dollars in advertising and massive audience has the potential to help heal the Earth. This movie can show the world we should not take our sky, water, trees, and animals for granted. It could inspire more and more people to treat Earth with the same respect you would give a child.

We’d like to see the movie live up to the potential of the book. We’re encouraging Universal to make an improved Lorax movie website that Dr. Seuss would be proud of. We recommend a “Lorax Tips” button shaped like a Truffula seed sharing ways people can help the planet. Maybe a Truffula Tree overflowing with tips and links pops up when you click on the seed! We can help you make this list, too!

What if Universal gave out tree seeds after the movie to children helping plant thousands of trees? This poetic gift fits perfectly with the hopeful end to the story. Also, could you put green tips into your television and print ads for the movie, or even into the movie's credits?

Please know The Lorax has power and that this movie could start a movement of kids helping the planet. The movie website and promotions should do what the book does and help the planet. This is possible with a few simple changes such as adding a “Lorax Tips” button.

Universal, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better, it’s not.” Please consider this line from the book; it is also true for the world.

Mr. Wells’ Fourth Grade Class

Popular Podcast: Jim Lynch - Green Tech
Free Podcast/ iTunes: The Nonprofit Coach with Ted Hart

Original Air Date: May 20, 2011

The Nonprofit Coach THE GREEN SHOW: Green Tech w/ Jim Lynch

by Nonprofit Coach

in Environment

This edition ran Fri, May 20, 2011

Page 2 Expert: Jim Lynch, Co-Director GreenTech & Electronics Recycling & Reuse Programs.
Over the last 10 years, Jim has helped coordinate and develop the electronics reuse field in the United States. Over his long career at TechSoup Global, Jim Lynch has been involved in creating all of TechSoup's environmental programs. Mr. Lynch leads TechSoup Global's work to develop the computer refurbishment and reuse field and is a member of the UN StEP Initiative Reuse Task Force. He works in the Community Driven Innovation team at TechSoup Global.

GET Certified. Show Your Progress in Going Green
Certified as a Green Nonprofit

Just because the economy is difficult for charitable organizations doesn't mean your commitment to the environment should suffer. Grants support available for charities submitting their Certification Application

Email us and share the support you need to make it possible for your organization to become certified.


The first step is to create your certification profile online and start earning points. You only need 100 points to become certified. You can start earning points right way. 



NOTE: You may also download the PDF application and submit via fax to 206-203-4758


The centerpiece of the GreenNonprofit movement is for each charity to become certified. This is a process that is both easy to understand and takes time to complete.

With our "Point Saver" Feature, you can create a profile, earn points, save them and come back to add more points as you work toward your goal of 100 points.

1. See what points you may have already earned with actions you have already taken
2. Review options for earning other points
3. Save your work
4. Engage your organization to make additional changes
5. Come back and add your new points
6. Repeat 2-5 until you have earned 100 points


Go to and click on certification to get started. You can download the PDF application form or use the new online registration system.


In an effort to recognize and certify outstanding Green Nonprofits and promote their services, GreenNonprofits has established the certification program. By participating in this program and becoming certified, your charity will publically declare your commitment to these principles while joining this unique global group of superior organisations.

The GreenNonprofits certification process is unique to each nonprofit/NGO’s goals to become greener.  To complete the program it could take several weeks to severl months depending on how much progress you have already earned and how much time you devote to making necessary change.

Power A House with One Artificial Leaf and One Gallon of Water?
by Nicole Wong

Peter Pachal reports in that researchers at MIT have managed to one-up mother nature by creating solar cells that they put into the form of a leaf. When this artificial leaf is given water, it generates energy 10 times more efficiently than real plants.

Email Address:


State or Province:


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