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Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Green Vol 1.28: Huth Road Elementary School , How Green Groups Get Funded, Certified Green Nonprofit, Tammy Greer Winner   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 28  
Green Photo of the Week: Huth Road Elementary School (Grand Island, NY)
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How green groups stay funded
Get Certified as a Green Nonprofit
And the Winner Is....
Green Photo of the Week: Huth Road Elementary School (Grand Island, NY)
Submit Your Best Green Photo

Winner: This week's green photo is of Huth Road Elementary School's celebration of Earth Day (Grand Island, NY)
Submit your green photo of the week, it could be a landscape, something green and beautiful, even your staff or volunteers working on green projects. Those chosen for inclusion in the GreenNonprofits newsletter will receive a $100 Charity Gift GiveNow Card sponsored by the R.K. Mellon Family Foundation. Send your JPEG format photo to

Win a copy of the Nonprofit Guide To Going Green
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How green groups stay funded
by CARLY FLANDRO, Chronicle Staff Writer The Bozeman Daily Chronicle

In the realm of green groups, there are no widgets for sale.

Donors receive no bells or whistles to take home and show for their money. There are only ideas, projects, promises of action, a hope and a cause.

Still, that's enough for the millions of individuals and foundations that invest in nonprofit conservation groups every year -- the everyday people, the famous and affluent, the candy-bar and automobile companies, the rock stars and media tycoons.

These cherished donors and their greenbacks are the lifeblood of almost every environmental group.

But donations are never certain and often waver, sometimes swelling or collapsing to decide a group's fate. That pressure - coupled with the increasing competition for grants and donations - has taught today's conservation groups to scrape for every dollar they can.

Green nonprofits work hard to court donors while maintaining their integrity. Yet the fight for conservation is also a constant fight for cash.

Big-name support

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament and Mike Mease, cofounder of Buffalo Field Campaign, an environmental advocacy group, have one thing in common: The University of Montana.

Ament and Mease attended UM at around the same time in the early 1980s, a simple connection that was enough for Pearl Jam to become a BFC donor.

But Pearl Jam isn't the only well-known act to give to the group. BFC boasts an all-star donor list that includes Michael Franti, the Indigo Girls, Jackson Browne, Crosby Stills and Nash, Built to Spill, and Bonnie Raitt.

(click below to read the rest of the story, or go to the Bozman Daily Chronicle link above)

Get Certified as a Green Nonprofit
Grant Available to Help With Application Fees

Grants support available for charities submitting their Certification Application

before June 1, 2011


Sanofi-Aventis has made a generous contribution to to support the Green Nonprofits 2011 Initiative. This includes support for up to 50% of the application submission fees for charities seeking certification.


Click here to email application for grant approval.


The first step is to create your certification profile online and start earning points. You only need 100 points to become certified. You can start earning points right way. 



NOTE: You may also download the PDF application and submit via fax to 206-203-4758


The centerpiece of the GreenNonprofit movement is for each charity to become certified. This is a process that is both easy to understand and takes time to complete.

With our "Point Saver" Feature, you can create a profile, earn points, save them and come back to add more points as you work toward your goal of 100 points.

1. See what points you may have already earned with actions you have already taken
2. Review options for earning other points
3. Save your work
4. Engage your organization to make additional changes
5. Come back and add your new points
6. Repeat 2-5 until you have earned 100 points


Go to and click on certification to get started. You can download the PDF application form or use the new online registration system.


In an effort to recognize and certify outstanding Green Nonprofits and promote their services, GreenNonprofits has established the certification program. By participating in this program and becoming certified, your charity will publically declare your commitment to these principles while joining this unique global group of superior organisations.

The GreenNonprofits certification process is unique to each nonprofit/NGO’s goals to become greener.  To complete the program it could take several weeks to severl months depending on how much progress you have already earned and how much time you devote to making necessary change.

And the Winner Is....
The winner of last week's drawing for a complimentary copy of
sponsored by Sanofi- Aventis given away on the Nonprofit Coach Radio Show is:
Tammy Greer
Boynton Beach FL
Congrats  Tammy!

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