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Wednesday, January 6, 2010 Green Vol 1.12: January 13, 2010, Certification, Autographed Book, Print Green   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 12  
Receive Autographed Copy of New Book
Become a Certified GreenNonprofit: Start Today
A Nonprofit's Guide to Green Printing

Following two years of research and planning the definitive, practical guide to going green on a charity budget is set for release. Join us in Washington DC January 13. RSVP ONLINE. [If you would like to schedule a launch event email us at]
National Book Release Event in Washington DC
Timely and clearly written, with contributions from experts around the globe, Nonprofit Guide To Going Green offers practical advice on how non-profits of any size can green their own organization, even on a limited budget. View Book Online: (link) and (link)
Join us online or at one of our national launch events.
 Washington DC Launch:
January 13th, 2010, 5:30pm
Care2 Offices - Washington DC
1100 15th St NW, Ste 600 Washington DC (map)
This book is printed on acid-free paper made
from 100% post-consumer recycled pulp with soy ink. 

Receive Autographed Copy of New Book

Make a donation of $75 USD or more and receive an autographed copy of the new book Nonprofit Guide To Going Green. All donations support the important work of

Become a Certified GreenNonprofit: Start Today
Download Your Application Today

The centerpiece of the GreenNonprofit movement is for each charity to become certified. This is a process that is both easy to understand and takes time to complete.

The first step is to create your profile and start earning points. You only need 100 points to become certified. You can start earning points right way. 

1. See what points you may have already earned with actions you have already taken
2. Review options for earning other points
3. Save your work
4. Engage your organization to make additional changes
5. Come back and add your new points
6. Repeat 2-5 until you have earned 100 points


For now you can download (for digital use on your computer) the certification application. Soon we will launch an online database you can use to store your work.

Go to and click on certification to get started.


In an effort to recognize and certify outstanding Green Nonprofits and promote their services, GreenNonprofits has established the certification program. By participating in this program and becoming certified, your charity will publically declare your commitment to these principles while joining this unique global group of superior organisations.

The GreenNonprofits certification process is unique to each nonprofit/NGO’s goals to become greener.  To complete the program it could take

A Nonprofit's Guide to Green Printing

If your print vendor employs traditional methods to produce this — using virgin-fiber paper, petroleum-based inks, toxic solvents, and chlorine-bleached papers — your printed piece might be doing less to reach out to constituents and more to damage the environment.

Luckily, there are eco-friendly ways to make your print projects, the earth — and your organization — look good.

Check out TechSoup's GreenTech Initiative:

Email Address:




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