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Saturday, January 10, 2009 Green Vol 1.6: Print Green, Learn Green, Engines of Change, Its a Green Holiday   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 6  
Your Green Office/ Employee Practices
Power/ Energy Efficiency
Set Your Printer for Green-ficiency
Its GREEN to learn ONLINE
Just Get Started - Your Organization Can Get To Green
Engines of Change
GREEN for Staff Holiday Gifts
Green Holiday Ideas
Jump starting a green economy with solar utilities
Shopping for a cause.
Sure-fire ways to save on heating bills
Set Your Printer for Green-ficiency
If you find that you can't avoid printing some documents, try these tips to green up your printing to save money and the environment.
by Jaymi Heimbuch

While the idea of printing makes us squirm a little, sometimes it is unavoidable. However, we can make the most of our printing by following a few easy guidelines and playing with Printing Preferences.

Format Your Page to Save:

  • Use the narrowest margins possible so that fewer pages are needed for a document.
  • Shrink the font down to squeeze the most text on to the page.
  • Scale a legal sized document down to letter size, and use other scale-down

Its GREEN to learn ONLINE
Webinars on Greening, Carbon and Purchasing,com...

In partnership with The GreenOffice our 2008 Webinar Series is designed to help you jumpstart your office greening efforts. Whether your interests lie with carbon offsetting, green purchasing, or just the basics, these webinars will provide you with the information you need to ensure a green future for your organization in a convenient, cost-effective manner. Keep an eye out for more webinars on a variety of subjects coming soon!

All you need in order to listen to and view the webinars is a computer with internet access and a phone. 

  Once you purchase the webinar, we will send you an email with further instructions on how to access the webinar.


  Sign up for :  Greening 101 on January 14, 2009
  Sign up for :  Carbon Offsetting  on  December 17
  Sign up for :  Green Purchasing  on  December 10


  Go to click on Virtual Seminars

  Third Party Certified: Co-op America Business Seal of Approval


Just Get Started - Your Organization Can Get To Green
You Most Likely Have Already Earned Some Points Toward Certification

The centerpiece of the GreenNonprofit movement is for each charity to become certified. This is a process that is both easy to understand and takes time to complete.

The first step is to create your profile and start earning points. You only need 100 points to become certified. You can start earning points right way. 

1. Create a profile
2. See what points you may have already earned with actions you have already taken
3. Review options for earning other points
4. Save your work
5. Engage your organization to make additional changes
6. Come back and add your new points
7. Repeat 3-6 until you have earned 100 points

Go to and click on certification to get started.


In an effort to recognize and certify outstanding Green Nonprofits and promote their services, GreenNonprofits has established the certification program. By participating in this program and becoming certified, your charity will publically declare your commitment to these principles while joining this unique global group of superior organisations.

The GreenNonprofits certification process is unique to each nonprofit/NGO’s goals to become greener.  To complete the program it could take

Engines of Change
by Solvie Karlstrom

Over the course of the year, energy consumption from personal computers contributes the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as burning 32 gallons of gasoline.

You may not be able to cut back on your web browsing, but your search engine of choice can help cut back on that energy use. Powered by Google, Blackle provides the same search results as but on a blacked-out background, saving over 944,500 kilowatt hours of energy since the engine's launch in 2007. If the transition from white to black is rough on the eyes, try, also powered by Google, which saves a bit less energy than Blackle but allows the user to chose from a variety of colorful alternatives to the white screen.

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GREEN for Staff Holiday Gifts
Membership makes a perfect gift: Where Green Meets Good

Join the movement! Where Nonprofits/NGO's from around the world are being seen as more GREEN. By becoming a member of GreenNonprofits, Inc. you will reap the benefits of both our online and offline greening programs. Through signing our pledge and seeking certification, you will be joining this unique global group of distinguished organizations.

Start your path today for the low cost of $55 as an individual member or $125 as an institution. click on Member Area

Green Holiday Ideas
Celebrate Holidays in Less Commercialized Ways
by Sandra Williams

Celebrate the holidays with family and friends by spending time together, creating homemade gifts and recycling old items to create new memories.  Here's some simple ways we can be kinder to the environment over the holidays:

Jump starting a green economy with solar utilities

President-elect Obama wants to create 5 million new “Green Energy” jobs. The sooner the better, but how? What incentive or government program will create these jobs? Which sector of green energy will be targeted for job growth? Further, and importantly as unemployment rises, how soon will these new jobs appear in the help wanted section?

The economy needs jobs as soon as possible. If Obama wants to use green energy as an engine of growth, how can he jump start it to get it running?

Shopping for a cause.
by Amy Anaruk

Having a tree planted or adopting a whale make good eco-conscious holiday presents for friends, but even if you buy tangible items for presents you can make your gifts do double duty by purchasing them from your favorite nonprofit. Plenty of organizations donate part of your purchase to supporting some very worthwhile causes. Here are a few ideas:

Sure-fire ways to save on heating bills
by Allison Rutter

It's getting cold out in most regions of the United States. That means it's time to turn on the heat.

Quilt (iStockPhoto)

This fall and winter you should try staying warm without also having a hot energy bill.

Excuse the pun, but there are some sure-fire ways you can save energy while maintaining your comfort, no matter how old your home is.

The average American household spends over $500 a year on heating, but this doesn't have to be the case. By paying attention to your building's envelope, your heating system, and your behavior, you'll be well on your way to saving dollars and carbon.

Sealing the envelope

Your home's envelope (the walls, windows, doors, foundation, roof, attic, etc.) matters a lot when it comes to heating.

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