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December 2010   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 54  
Happy Holidays from Gotham Sound!

Our office will be closed Friday, December 24th and Friday, December 31st.

If you need after hours support, please call our emergency service at 917-267-2375.On behalf of everyone here at Gotham, we'd like to thank you for your support this year. We know you have a choice, and we appreciate your business. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Jim and Peter
Jim and Peter


Five Great Reasons to Buy Gear Now!
  1. For a limited time, Gotham is offering a $25 gift certificate with purchase of at least $250, excluding any unilaterally priced equipment! Contact a sales associate for details!

  2. The end of the fiscal year is almost upon us, so it's your last chance to buy gear and get those 2010 business deductions!

  3. Zaxcom is holding a winter Deva & Fusion Sale!

  4. As of January 1, 2011, Scheopes ends its introductory sale on the SuperCMIT and the price point becomes $4219. Grab it for $3799 while you still can!

  5. To celebrate the release of their brand new CS-2 Shotgun Microphone, Sanken is offering a trade-in on your old microphone when you  buy a new CS-2 between now and December 31, 2010 and they'll buy your old shotgun mic for $200! Call or e-mail Gotham for qualifying models, rules and regulations.

Production Post-Production Post-Mortem
Eileen explains the finer points of supervising sound editor while Chris and John look on.
Our recent seminar on Production Sound and Post-Production Sound last Saturday was a great success! One more round of thanks to our panelists, Eileen Horta, Chris Newman, and John McCormick; our sponsors, Sennheiser and Sound Devices; and to all who attended. Click the full story button below for a transcript fo some highlights!

Redux Again:
The Latest From the FCC Concerning Wireless Microphones and TVBD's

Henry CohenHenry Cohen of Production Radio (and friend of Gotham) gives us a rundown of the most recent developments in the FCC's wireless licensing dramedy.
Wireless Chart
Ever wanted a handy visual reference chart of how the wireless blocks line up with frequencies for Lectrosonics, Zaxcom, Sennheiser and Telex? Click the link!
New Product Theatre

All sorts of great audio gear premiered in the last few months! Here are some highlights:

Zaxcom has released this convenient Deva hard drive caddy to USB adapter to make transferring files easier and faster than ever before.

The newest addition to the Rosendahl line of venerable time code generators is the MIF4 with an integrated USB-MIDI interface, a video sync reference input, balanced LTC in/out and a large LED timecode display.

Available now, the PSC PowerStar Mini is the tiny brother of the regular PowerStar ENG power distribution system!

Personal (Transport) Validation
There is a new garage next door to Gotham (4 doors east of our entrance) that we now validate parking for up to one hour. The garage has an entrance on 37th St or 38th St allowing access from the east or west side. In addition to curbside service, we now invite you to stay — and the first hour of indoor parking is on us.
Fostex Care
Gotham is pleased to announce that with the addition of Mike Van Tine to the ranks of our service technicians, we now have the ability to repair Fostex products in house! We can service DV824's, FR2LE's, CR500's, and MR's at our 38th Street location and, through our relationship with Triple S in New Jersey, the rest of the Fostex line of products, without having to send them back to the manufacturer.
Quiet, Green, Consumer-Friendly - Pick Two

A mixed bag of news for audio people this month:

Who's that lurking in the lower paragraphs of Prosoundnews' coverage of Keith Urban's whistlestop tour? Could it be Gotham's own technician, Jeff Santana, rapping about the equipment he used to faithfully record the country-western singer in the always audio-challenging environment of Penn Station? Could be!
New Products
Sales Specials
Tips and Tricks
Happy Holidays from Gotham Sound!
Five Great Reasons to Buy Gear Now!
Production Post-Production Post-Mortem
Redux Again:
Wireless Chart
New Product Theatre
Personal (Transport) Validation
Fostex Care
Quiet, Green, Consumer-Friendly - Pick Two

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