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August 2010   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 53  
What Can Go Wrong

Veteran sound mixer Larry Loewinger, C.A.S., takes you on an inside look at an audio workflow gone horribly wrong. Spoiler alert: he fixes it.

Up, Up, and Away

You think you were excited when Schoeps came out with the CMIT shotgun mic?

Take a gander at the SuperCMIT. Peter Schneider explains more below the jump.

Please Halo, Don't Hurt 'Em

Digital workflow is a vital part of production audio these days and one of handiest tools is the Metric Halo ULN-8. But don't take our word for it; read about it in action:

Sound mixer Graham Gardner talks about his experience using the ULN-8.

And when Battle: Los Angeles needed a scalable multitrack audio solution, Paul Ledford, with an assist by Gotham, turned to a intriguing set-up involving the ULN-8 and the Euphonix MC Mix.

Read all about it in ProSoundWeb.

The Sonosax Side of the Street

Sonosax makes a great array of mixers and recorders, from the time-tested design of the SX-ST to the brand new SX-ES64. Come into Gotham to visit them or see the full array here.

First look: Roland S-0808

Bryan Dembinski puts Roland's new S-0808 8 x 8 Digital Snake to the test.

Camper Van Beethoven Live Video Premiere

The Gotham-filmed-&-recorded video of the legendary alt-rockers playing Ambiguity at Highline Ballroom premiered today at Wolfgang's Vault!

Visit here and scroll down to the Featured Videos to see it!

A Public Service Announcement, V1.1b

In the fast-evolving world of digital audio, firmware updates are your gear's best friend, helping to shield you from the  hurly-burly of production with the latest features and bug-fixes. Keep them strong with updates!

Not entirely coincidentally, here are links to the firmware updates for many major audio manufacturers:

New Products
Tips and Tricks
What Can Go Wrong
Up, Up, and Away
Please Halo, Don't Hurt 'Em
The Sonosax Side of the Street
First look: Roland S-0808
Camper Van Beethoven Live Video Premiere
A Public Service Announcement, V1.1b

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