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January 2010   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 49  
First Look at the Sound Devices CL-9

Sound Devices and Gotham Sound cordially invite you to experience the CL-9, the new mixer/control surface for the 788T designed for cart-based location sound mixers.

Sound Devices' Jim Koomar will be on hand to demonstrate the new CL-9 and answer any questions!

Where: Gotham Sound
              330 West 38th Street
              Ground Floor #105
              New York, NY 10018
When: Wednesday, February 3rd, from 3-6 pm

Can't make it in person? Visit our LiveStream feed to chat with Jim live.

Six Degrees of Integration

In the history of the Gotham Gazette, we have never promoted someone else's service. This new website, however, truly changes the game for anyone that works in the film and television industry. Friend of Gotham Tod Maitland has just launched, an exciting new site that promises to make traveling a lot less stressful by streamlining affordable short-term housing rental for and by the entertainment industry.

Frequency Dropped

Last week, the FCC adopted an order immediately prohibiting the further distribution and sale of devices that operate in the 700 MHz frequency. Devices in this frequency may continue to be used until June 12th, 2010, at which point their use become unauthorizeed as well.

This has several immediate effects on the entertainment industry:

Lectrosonics devices on Blocks 28, & 29 and all devices operating on frequencies between 698 and 806 MHz

  • will no longer be carried by Gotham for sale or rent.

  • can still be sold on consignment, but only overseas

The FCC has set up a site for wireless microphones that will help determine which equipment falls under these guidelines.

Some equipment can be re-blocked to use new frequencies. Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions about your specific equipment.

Also, the FCC formally acknowledged that there is a large group of unlicensed (“Part 15”) wireless microphone users, and that these unlicensed users will be restricted to 50mW of RF output power. They are also working on a disclosure statement that would be distributed, “at the point of sale or lease,” to explain the rules. We therefore are recommending that any individuals or organizations eligible for a license under Part 74 apply for it. We will be documenting the steps we are taking in our application to assist others prepare their own.

Sennheiser Special
+ +

Get a great package deal on the Sennheiser Evolution ew 112-p G3! Purchase one with an e835 Dynamic Mic and an HD-201 Headphone for only $550. Hurry, supplies are limited!

Production Sound 2009
Peter Schneider takes a look back on the year 2009 in audio.
New Products
Sales Specials
First Look at the Sound Devices CL-9
Six Degrees of Integration
Frequency Dropped
Sennheiser Special
Production Sound 2009

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