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October 2009   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 46  
AES Wrap-Up
If you couldn't make it to AES, don't worry. We'll do you one better! In addition to our videos below and the Sound Devices 552 Mixer/Recorder, JoeCo BlackBox 24 Track Recorder, and the Metric Halo ULN-8 all still on display at Gotham, Peter Schneider has personally picked a peck of pioneering products for your perusal!

AES 2009 Videos

While AES 2009 is over, we'll always have the memories.

Click on the links below to watch the highlights of Gotham's live AES webcast.

Sound Devices

Metric Halo

Audio Ltd.








Sennheiser Special

Purchase any of the brand new Sennheiser 2000 series wireless and receive FREE:

Call or email for more information.

And hey, while we're talking about great deals and Sennheisers, you should know about the Sennheiser 700 MHz gear rebate. As part of the DTV transition, the 700 MHz band will soon be disappearing as a usable frequency, but between now and December 1st, 2009, trade in any wireless microphone equipment of any brand and get up to $2000 in rebate value to use agaist the purchase of new Sennheiser equipment! More details available here (pdf).

Click the link below to see a comparison of the old G2 systems and the new G3 and 2000 systems.

Sound Devices 552 Review
Sound Devices 552 Production MixerGotham's own Cory Allen puts the new Sound Devices 552 through its paces.

442 Discontinued

With the introduction of the 552, the 442 is officially retired. Here's what Sound Devices' Jon Tatooles had to say on this solemn occasion on the RAMPS newsgroup:†

It is with excitement and reflection that I put the very last two 442 mixers ever produced into our "museum" (a shelf in an equipment† cabinet). They join the first product Sound Devices ever produced, an† MP-1 (1999). The 442 is now discontinued, but will continue to thrive† with the many units that are in regular use all over the world.†

Farewell 442! Gotham salutes your years of service!

Itís in the Can! Food Drive

From now until December 14th, Gotham is inviting productions to join in and help fight hunger!†

Goal: 10,000 pounds of food!†

Help your production donate the most. Weekly prizes for whoever donates the most each week!

Please let Joe Mulica know if your production is interested.

(212) 629-9430 or

Drop boxes will be in the production office and at the stage, as well as conveniently located in the Gotham lobby.

Together we can wrap out hunger!

Audio Time Code
Here's a demo video from Avid showing how to record LTC timecode on a pro-sumer video camera's audio input, and then autosync in the Avid to the double system audio recorded on your favorite BWF recorder.
Daylight Savings Time

Gotham Sound reminds you to turn your clocks back this weekend and cherish that extra hour of turnaround!

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AES Wrap-Up
AES 2009 Videos
Sennheiser Special
Sound Devices 552 Review
442 Discontinued
Itís in the Can! Food Drive
Audio Time Code
Daylight Savings Time

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