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November 2008   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 33  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Behind the Obscenes
The seminar series returns with a bang this December as we present a special lecture by veteran sound mixer Dennis Maitland in association with Sennheiser. We'll be screening Lenny, the 1974 Dustin Hoffman film directed by Bob Fosse and sound mixed by none other than the esteemed Mr. Maitland, who'll give us a behind the scenes look at this classic.

It all goes down December 13th at 1:30 PM at the Walt Disney Screening Room at 500 Park Ave.. Seating is extremely limited, so make sure to RSVP to and join us!

New Metric Halo Support for Control Surfaces!

The Metric Halo MIO Console version 5.1 is out and we couldn't be more excited! With support for Mackie and Euphonix control surfaces, the folks at Metric Halo once again redefine what is possible with location audio equipment. The MIO 2882 and ULN-2 are transformed from top of the line portable audio interfaces with on-board DSP to full featured digital mixers with unrivalled sonic quality, ease of use and portability.

Mixing from a control surface is an exciting option that allows a recordist to have all the functions of an elaborate analog mixing board at their fingertips efficiently and cheaply, with little more gear than the surface, the interface, and a laptop. Read all about the MIO or request a quote.

White Space: The Final Frontier
So to start the chaos of hashing out the new white space landscape on a high note, we do want to make time to note Dolly Parton who wrote to the FCC to express concern over their vote:

As someone who uses the white spaces and knows the value of them for the work that I and many of my friends do around the country, I ask the FCC to recognize the entertainment industry's valuable contribution to the cultural life and economy of this country. If the FCC ignores the value provided by current users of the white spaces, the potential direct negative impact on countless people may be immeasurable.

Read the full letter here.

But despite this classy note from a classy performer, the FCC proceeded to adopt changes (enumerated in their latest report & order) to the way wireless devices can use the unused television channel frequencies (often referred to as the aforementioned "white space") that wireless microphones and other devices operate over. Unlicensed wireless devices will be required to be equipped with spectrum sensing, geo-location, and the ability to access a database over the Internet to make sure that the frequencies on which it is operating won't cause interference. Some room has been left open around TV channel 37 in major markets.

So you may be thinking that sounds pretty dire and awfully restrictive for the film and television industry and will require a heck of a lot of time and money to sort out. But, hey, why panic when you can party? So read the next item and cheer up.

February 17th - Save the Date!
Television analog signals will stop broadcasting at midnight on February the 17th. Gotham will be hosting a shindig to see out analog broadcasting in style. We'll pop champagne and raise a glass as they dissolve forever into snow and noise. Keep watching for details!
Our Mistake is Your Gain!
We've accidentally ended up with a brand new DPA stereo kit that needs a good home, so we're offering it for a mere $3125 - save $500 off the normal price!

The 4052 Compact Stereo Kit is a kit with two carefully matched (within 1 dB) 4052 Compact Omni Microphones. Together with the accessories, this kit is designed especially for low profile mounting directly inside a piano. The goosenecks can also be mounted directly on microphone stands for various A-B stereo applications such as a full orchestra in a concert hall, choirs and other ambient recordings.

The kit comes complete with a pair of each of the following: silver trapezoid close-miking grids, black diffuse-field grids, suspension mounts, gooseneck mounts, magnet bases, nose cones, windscreens, and silver free-field grids. One caveat - the microphone comes with non-removable attached rear cables.

Call us at 212-629-9430 or e-mail us at today to take this adorable kit into your gear!

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Behind the Obscenes
New Metric Halo Support for Control Surfaces!
White Space: The Final Frontier
February 17th - Save the Date!
Our Mistake is Your Gain!

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