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Meet the Gear - RF Spectrum Day June 28th   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 27  

Gotham Sound is pleased to announce the third session of our new Saturday series is coming up fast! It's your chance to preview gear, discuss ideas, and compare techniques. (And if that doesn't quite move you to action, we'll feed you breakfast too.)

Next session will be:
RF Spectrum: What every sound mixer needs to know about the changing airwaves.
with Special Guest - Henry Cohen of Production Radio Rentals
Saturday, June 28th
10:30am @ Gotham
rsvp to

Topics will include:

  • What are the new FCC regulations?
  • What effect will the 700 MHz re-allocation have on wireless mics and when?
  • What are the "White Space" proposals and will they interefere with wireless mics?
  • What can sound mixers do?

Q&A will follow Henry's presentation

Starting professionally working for a two-way radio dealer while in high school, then studying electrical engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology, Henry Cohen primarily worked as a touring sound technician, then mixer, for over twelve years with concert musical acts, Broadway productions, corporate presentation and special events. Having worked extensively with wireless microphone, intercom and IFB systems during that time, Cohen began Production Radio Rentals in the early nineties, and has been involved in numerous high profile, large scale events, many where extensive and long range wireless voice communications, data, audio and video transmission links were otherwise considered impossible.


Bagels and coffee will be served at 10am. Please RSVP, as space is limited.

Keep watching your inbox or check out our brand new events page- there are more sessions to come!



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