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January 2007   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 15  
DC Digital Portable and Expandable?
Gotham builds a custom MetaCorder system for John Pritchett to use on Dan in Real Life, a Steve Carrell comedy currently in production. And then we build it again.
New from Zaxcom!
If you haven't checked out the Zaxcom line of wireless lately, now's the perfect time to scope out the new systems, with improved range, new features, and a revolutionary new back-up system for your valuable tracks.

TRX900 Wireless Transmitter (pictured)
TRX900AA Wireless Transceiver


RX4900 Rack Mount Receiver
RX900m Mono ENG Digital Receiver
RX900s Stereo ENG Digital Receiver


IFB900 IFB Remote Control Transmitter
STA100 Stereo Adaptor

And shipping now, the Mix-12 is the perfect companion for your Deva!

Come see Glenn Sanders, president of Zaxcom, demo all this gear live and in person at Gotham at 7 on February 7th! We'll also be webcasting the event, but if you come here there will be food for eating.

Buy Lectrosonics. Get Free Stuff.
We've found an extra box of those stylish Lectrosonics fleeces, so we're giving 'em away when you buy a new Lectrosonics 401 or 411 wireless system! While supplies last, not all sizes available.

Or if you're into gently used equipment, we've got you covered. Buy something from our selection of previously owned 201's and 211's and get a free Lectro M150 or M152 lav! While supplies last.

And the Winner is...
We present the anxiously awaited solution and announce the winner.
Fostex PD-6 Special

Buy the Fostex PD-6, one of the last of its kind, for a mere $5000! While supplies last.

Great Moments in Sound History!
Michael Caine, on being kind to one's sound technicians- emphasis his:

In the movies, [voice] projection isn't usually required. (Pay no attention to the sound technician; he always has a problem.) Sensitive microphones can pick up the softest delivery...[A]s the occasion calls for it, you can speak in a barely audible whisper or you can let it rip and be as loud as you want. The sound technician, however, has to know in advance because he's wearing the earphones. I remember I was doing a little sound feature picture in which I played some sort of hoodlum. I had to come up behind a guy and whisper, "You're gonna die," and then shoot him in the back. The sound technician had his equipment turned up high so he could hear the whisper. I forgot to say the line and fired the shot. The sound technician had full volume on his earphones, and the sound of the shot nearly burst his eardrums. He went away and took a lot of aspirin.

Acting in Film: An Actor's Take on Movie Making (Revised Expanded Edition) by Michael Caine (1997)

Sennheiser Stage Mic Sale!

Augment your microphone collection with this dynamic (in every sense of the word) Sennheiser mic sale. Hurry, this offer is only good while supplies last!

Buy 1 e865 mic for $195 or buy 2 for $375!
Buy 1 e945 mic for $155 or 2 for $295!
Buy 1 e935 mic for $135 or 2 for $255!
Buy 1 e845 mic for $94.95 or 2 for $175!

New Products
Sales Specials
DC Digital Portable and Expandable?
New from Zaxcom!
Buy Lectrosonics. Get Free Stuff.
And the Winner is...
Fostex PD-6 Special
Great Moments in Sound History!
Sennheiser Stage Mic Sale!

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