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Holiday 2007   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 14  

Tax year 2006 is ending; wouldn't now be the ideal time to purchase some nice, deductible gear from Gotham? Get a new digital mixer! Upgrade your microphone kit! Buy something nice for your boom op! Heck, get something nice for everyone in your life! Remember, nothing says you care like a brand new non-linear recorder, so check out the deals below and call us today at 212 629-9430 or e-mail for all your holiday shopping needs!
Remember December 13th is Meet the Edirol R-4 Pro Day!
Wednesday, December 13th, 1pm - 4pm is Meet the Edirol R-4 Pro day* at Gotham Sound, with Tom Stephenson, director of Technology at Edirol/Roland on site available to answer your questions! We will also stream his presentation on the web, and answer question from the web audience via live, interactive chat.

*Yes, we know that's technically three hours, not a day. What are you, a wisenheimer?

Gotham Holiday Gift Guide
Forgo the coly birds this year and check out what you can lay on the production people in your life! It's got all the best selections from last year with a few intriguing new additions.
Do Good. Sound Better.
This holiday season, when you buy certain items from Gotham, we'll send you a Charity Check, which you can use to help the non-profit organization of your choice! See below the jump for more specifics.
Zaxcom Sale!
From December 15th through January 15th, Zaxcom is cutting prices on its Deva Non-Linear Recorder! Get $1000 off a new Deva V or $500 off a Mix-12 or Deva IV! Buy the Deva V and Mix-12 together and get a whopping $2000 off! Call or e-mail us for a price quote. Please note that the Mix-12's don't begin shipping until January. More information on the Deva V here and the Deva IV here.
First Annual Holiday Riddle
Take a break from all that holiday relaxing and amaze your friends with an unhealthy interest in time code by unraveling this puzzle.
Sennheiser Stage Mic Sale!

Augment your microphone collection with this dynamic (in every sense of the word) Sennheiser mic sale. Hurry, this offer is only good while supplies last!

Buy 1 e865 mic for $195 or buy 2 for $375!
Buy 1 e945 mic for $155 or 2 for $295!
Buy 1 e935 mic for $135 or 2 for $255!
Buy 1 e845 mic for $94.95 or 2 for $175!

Sales Specials
Remember December 13th is Meet the Edirol R-4 Pro Day!
Gotham Holiday Gift Guide
Do Good. Sound Better.
Zaxcom Sale!
First Annual Holiday Riddle
Sennheiser Stage Mic Sale!

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