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October 2006   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 12  
Telecine Seminar this Saturday!
Just a reminder that we'll be broadcasting our fabulous seminar live over the web from 10AM to 2PM EST. You'll be able to see the sights and sounds from the PostWorks building in New York and participate in the Q&A session over chat. The webcast will be viewable from here . Please note that due to copyright restrictions we will not be able to broadcast the telecine session live. More information after the jump.
IBC Wrap-Up: Going Global!
Amsterdam was all a-twitter with the sights and sounds of the IBC show. Gotham's Nick Huston takes you through some highlights.
Peter Schneider speaks!
Read the full text of his stirring speech on iXML and the future of metadata from this year's IBC conference.
Bring Out Your 200's and 201's!
There's never been a better time to gently retire your Lectrosonics UM200's and UCR201's and move into the digital wireless. Bring 'em on in to Gotham and use them as a trade-in towards a brand new UM400 and UCR401 wireless system with even better range and reliability.
Survey says...
Just a reminder that if you feel so moved, Gotham has a short online customer survey, where you can let us know where you think we're A-OK and where we could improve.
Sound Devices Firmware Upgrade
Sound Devices has released an important software upgrade, providing a host of exciting new features!

The new features will include:

  • simultaneous recording to internal drives and external FireWire drives
  • full recording and playback from available drives, including FireWire drives
  • software control of the CL-1 Remote Control and Keyboard Interface
  • iXML metada inclusion in Broadcast Wave files
  • file and folder renaming

The update is available for all 7-Series recorders, although some features may require a hardware upgrade. Read the full press release from Sound Devices here.

Great Moments in Sound History
Jack Solomon, legendary production mixer, on the art of booming a ventriloquist:

When I first started as a boom man, I was doing an eight- or nine-day picture at Columbia with a ventriloquist, Max Terhune, and his talking bird. Max Terhune would talk and then the bird would talk and I'd swing over---it was just instinct to go with whoever talked. Meanwhile, I looked at the actor and his eyes were crossed. I kept saying, "What the hell is wrong with this guy?" He was watching me, and he couldn't believe that I was swinging over to the bird. Every time the bird talked, I swung the boom over and I never missed a cue. I thought, "Jeez, I'm doing a hell of a job!" I looked and everybody was on the floor hysterical - they really let me hang myself.

quoted in Sound-On-Film: Interviews with Creators of Film Sound by Vincent LoBrutto (1994)

For a similar amusing incident, check out Mark Evanier's account of Paul Winchell's first foray into TV.

Sales Specials
Telecine Seminar this Saturday!
IBC Wrap-Up: Going Global!
Peter Schneider speaks!
Bring Out Your 200's and 201's!
Survey says...
Sound Devices Firmware Upgrade
Great Moments in Sound History

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