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June 2006   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 8  
PD-6 Cheat Sheet
Now you too can copy from the smarter kid's PD-6 settings. Nick Huston walks you through it.
Lectro Frequency map
Ever wonder exactly what the radio frequency traffic looks like in Chelsea Piers, Times Square, Foley Square, or 54th Street & Sixth Avenue? Well, if you've been beset with that alarmingly specific wonder, fret no more. Gotham's brand new radio frequency map's got you covered.
A Prairie Home's Companion
Gotham salutes the crew of A Prairie Home Companion on a fine movie (opening this Friday!). Keep a sharp eye on the end credits and you might just spot a special thanks to Nick Huston and Gotham. Then read Nick's on-set account of the MetaCorder rig Gotham built.
HD-P2 Review
How does Gotham's Micah Bloomberg feel about Tascam's HD-P2 non-linear recorder? You'll have to read on to find out!
Sound Mixer Links
Gotham is expanding their links directory! If you're a sound mixer, boom operator, or utility sound person with a website, send your name, location, occupation, and web address to and we'll include you in our premier edition.
All Dolled Up
Gotham Sound and Communications is proud to provide communications equipment for All Dolled Up, Bobby Spillane's new cross-dressing off-Broadway mobster comedy. We wish it a long and successful run!
Tips and Tricks
PD-6 Cheat Sheet
Lectro Frequency map
A Prairie Home's Companion
HD-P2 Review
Sound Mixer Links
All Dolled Up

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