April 25, 2011
New from NAB

Peter Schneider went exploring at NAB 2011 last week. This is what he found:

Zaxcom Nomad promises to be a very interesting new mixer/recorder. I'm particularly excited about the possibility of interfacing to wireless transmitters through Zaxnet. Hopefully, we'll see Zaxcom and Sound Devices working together again soon, but, at the very least, look for Jon & Glenn at Grossinger's this summer! Thanks to both of them both for being such good sports.

Sound Devices finally introduced their new video monitors for sound cart use. Just kidding. Actually, the PIX records high-quality audio and video in a format suitable for direct transfer into most popular editing workflows.

Is this the technology that Lectro engineers were talking about at Lectro's 40th anniversary party in Vegas? I won't say. But Axient, Shure's answer to the coming white space device onslaught, is amazing technology. The system can automatically sense white space interference and inaudibly move the transmitter to an interference-free frequency.

Lectrosonics showed off their Quadra Digital IEM system, which has tremendous potential not just for IEM but for a "SUPER IFB" as well. Each receiver is able to create custom mixes from 4 different audio sources received from a single transmitter.

Think of the Fostex DC-R302 DSLR Audio Recorder as the PD-4, but 1/10 the size and weight, with three inputs, an SD card instead of DAT, and no timecode.

The PSC Bloop Slate allows for a common marker between sound and picture and is ideally suited to DSLR video. It's proof that we've come full circle, all the way back to double system doc sound. (Has anyone been watching HBO's Cinema Verite or re-runs on PBS of the show that inspired it?) The final iteration should be smaller than the prototype.

The Schoeps Mini-DA42 digital/audio converter for CMIT microphones is what we've all been waiting for. I'll finally be able to get analog outputs from a digital mic in a small super-portable package, compatible with wireless microphones, mic preamps and analog to digital converters

GR-2: Stay tuned for this refresh of Denecke's master clock
The RC-F82 Tascam HS-P82 Control Surface is going to be a great add-on. I'm especially looking forward to being able to write 2 CF cards at once and easier metadata entry.
Move over, Lectro and Sennheiser, and make room for the newShure ENG wireless system.

Que Audio's focus is microphones and support gear specifically aimed towards DSLR & budget video production with their high quality, low-cost, right-sized microphones.

JK Audio showed their BlueDriver S series of BlueTooth transmitters and receivers which can be used to send full-fidelity stereo or mono audio (think camera hops or handheld mic) with minimal latency.

The AD256 is another beautiful mixer from Audio Developments with all the sound and build quality you'd expect. Features specific to this iteration: a limiter on every input and many, many. many routing features.

Sound Devices' USBPre 2
is an interface that happens to be a dual mic preamp.
Sound Devices' MixPre-D is a dual mic preamp that happens to be an interface.

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