December 17, 2010
Five Great Reasons to Buy Gear Now!
  1. For a limited time, Gotham is offering a $25 gift certificate with purchase of at least $250, excluding any unilaterally priced equipment! Contact a sales associate for details!

  2. The end of the fiscal year is almost upon us, so it's your last chance to buy gear and get those 2010 business deductions!

  3. Zaxcom is holding a winter Deva & Fusion Sale!

  4. As of January 1, 2011, Scheopes ends its introductory sale on the SuperCMIT and the price point becomes $4219. Grab it for $3799 while you still can!

  5. To celebrate the release of their brand new CS-2 Shotgun Microphone, Sanken is offering a trade-in on your old microphone when you  buy a new CS-2 between now and December 31, 2010 and they'll buy your old shotgun mic for $200! Call or e-mail Gotham for qualifying models, rules and regulations.

Happy Holidays from Gotham Sound!
Five Great Reasons to Buy Gear Now!
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