March 4, 2009
The White Stuff

You thought it was over. But the turmoil over white spaces rages on!

First off, as you've probably heard, Congress has deferred the DTV conversion to June 12th (Naturally, this also defers Gotham's Farewell to Analog Party. We'll keep you posted)

Meanwhile, the FCC is still set to authorize unlicensed devices for sending and receiving broadband over unused television channels on March 19th, but the. National Association of Broadcasters and Association for Maximum Service Television have sued to stop them. The actionable details remain sketchy, but more details are available here. ESPN, the major pro sports leagues, and theater owners and producers have also filed suit.

And on the 700 MHz front, Verizon has released a look at their plans for the spectrum. They begin testing this summer with plans to be up and running in two markets by the end of the year and 20-30 by the end of next year.

That is, unless the $550 million spectrum license user fee proposed in Obama's budget comes to pass!

Having trouble making sense of it all? Andrew Seybold of the eponynmous Andrew Seybold Media has some interesting things to say.

And, hey, it's not all political wrangling and lawsuits and gloom. is a nifty new website set up which allows users to search for the open TV white space channels anywhere in the United States. Should be handy if we end up fighting like trapped rats for vanishingly small corners of the spectrum! You can pre-register your wireless mic with them now.

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