November 20, 2008
White Space: The Final Frontier
So to start the chaos of hashing out the new white space landscape on a high note, we do want to make time to note Dolly Parton who wrote to the FCC to express concern over their vote:

As someone who uses the white spaces and knows the value of them for the work that I and many of my friends do around the country, I ask the FCC to recognize the entertainment industry's valuable contribution to the cultural life and economy of this country. If the FCC ignores the value provided by current users of the white spaces, the potential direct negative impact on countless people may be immeasurable.

Read the full letter here.

But despite this classy note from a classy performer, the FCC proceeded to adopt changes (enumerated in their latest report & order) to the way wireless devices can use the unused television channel frequencies (often referred to as the aforementioned "white space") that wireless microphones and other devices operate over. Unlicensed wireless devices will be required to be equipped with spectrum sensing, geo-location, and the ability to access a database over the Internet to make sure that the frequencies on which it is operating won't cause interference. Some room has been left open around TV channel 37 in major markets.

So you may be thinking that sounds pretty dire and awfully restrictive for the film and television industry and will require a heck of a lot of time and money to sort out. But, hey, why panic when you can party? So read the next item and cheer up.

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