July 15, 2008
Meet the Gear - Metric Halo 
Gotham Sound is pleased to announce the next session of our new Saturday series is coming up fast! It's your chance to preview gear, discuss ideas, and compare techniques. (And if that doesn't quite move you to action, we'll feed you breakfast too.)

Next session will be:
Meet Metric Halo 
July 26, 2008 10:30am
Gotham Sound
330 W 38th
Ground Floor
Bagels & Coffee will be provided
RSVP required to gotrsvp+mh@gmail.com

Goodbye Analog Location Audio Console?

In the last four months we've seen Cooper Sound close their doors, and the introduction of no less than three proprietary, recorder specific control surfaces. Can a control surface replace an analog console?

Join us on July 26th as we discuss this question with B. J. Buchalter and Allen Rowand of Metric Halo, as they demonstrate the latest "2d Expanded" versions of their FireWire audio interfaces, and their application to location audio for film and television production. With the release of the "2d" upgrade last month, the MIO 2882 and ULN-2 are transformed into the heart of a digital mixer, complete with digitally controlled pre-amp gain control, eq, compression/limiting, and multiple sends and inserts. Simply add an Apple Macbook and a control surface, and location sound engineers now have an entirely new breed of digital interface, more flexible than any current mixer and recorder on the market today.

Also on hand will be production sound mixer Graham Gardner discussing his experiences mixing the IFC rock-and-roll comedy series "Z-Rock" using BoomCorder, a FireWire interface and a USB control surface.

About  Metric Halo
Metric Halo provides the world with high-resolution metering, analysis, and processing solutions with award winning software and hardware. Metric Halo's FireWire audio interfaces are renowned for their sonic quality, durability and portability. Metric Halo's MIO 2882 was the first Mac-only FireWire interface on the market and was the first bus-powerable FireWire interface ever. It is also the first (and only) FireWire interface to offer onboard fully instantiable DSP processing, the first 96k FireWire interface, and the first to feature digitally controlled analog stages.


Bagels and coffee will be served at 10am. Please RSVP, as space is limited.

And keep watching your inbox for info on our next seminar: Meet the Red Camera Day with special guest Mark Pederson from Off Hollywood Digital on Saturday, August 2nd! More details will be forthcoming, but if you want to RSVP early, the e-mail to RSVP is gotrsvp+red@gmail.com.

Meet the Gear - Metric Halo 
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