June 1, 2007
Fred Wiseman speaks!
Gotham got a chance to catch up with legendary documentarian Frederick Wiseman, who mixes his own sound while directing. (Let's see Scorcese do that!) We asked which scenes he was particularly proud of that combine his skills as a sound mixer and filmmaker:
"The sardine factory scene in BELFAST, MAINE where approximately 5 hours of material was reduced to 9 minutes, with 250 shots and no dialogue. The story is told in the way the pictures and the sound of the assembly line are edited together. Similarly, in BASIC TRAINING, hours of material is reduced to 7 or 8 minutes and 70 shots in the night crawl sequence where the sound and the picture are combined to suggest a primitive war dance."
Watch for Wiseman's newest documentary STATE LEGISLATURE on TV this month. PBS will be broadcasting it nationally tonight, Wednesday, June 13th. Other affiliates will be airing it throughout the month. Check your local listings for details.
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Fred Wiseman speaks!
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